Technology has been on the rise within the hair growth industry, allowing one to gain their hair back through low level light therapy. What was once only available through expensive procedures performed by physicians, you can now use the technology in the comfort of your home for affordable prices.

At-home laser caps are the future, giving you your hair and confidence back in a completely new way.

But what’s the best product? What product is not only cost efficient, but has a high count of laser diodes?

Two low level light therapy caps on the market right now are making a splash; Capillus, and Kiierr.

But which one is better?

The Breakthrough Technology

Low level light therapy has made a splash, revolutionizing the hair growth space as a better, non invasive way in growing those lock we thought we lost. LLLT improves cellular respiration and stimulates hair follicles, producing thicker and healthier hair.

The technology is scientifically proven to regenerate your hair follicles, giving them increased energy and blood flow, and reversing, stopping, and/or slowing down the process of hair loss.

Hair is constantly growing, resting, and shedding in a continuous cycle, but those that suffer from androgenetic alopecia, hair follicles remain at the resting stage for too long, causing too much hair to shed at once, and not enough to go back into the growth cycle. This forces hair to become progressively thinner and lighter in color with each growing cycle. Low level light therapy works by improving cellular respiration, forcing hair to stay in the growth cycle phase longer, allowing your strands to grow back thicker and darker.

Capillus Laser Caps

Capillus hair growth caps uses laser therapy to reverse the natural process of hair follicles weakening. Their treatment is FDA approved, as well as clinically proven to help with hair growth. They have multiple caps, starting out at $899 for their Capillus82, $1,999 for their Capillus202, and $2,999 for their Capillus272.

Claiming to be the first cap approved by the FDA, you only wear their cap for 6 minutes a day. However, they say to use the cap for two years to completely see fuller, healthier hair. This can be a problem for many, as their warranty for their lowest laser diode only lasts one year, and two years for their second tier cap. It is also a long time to continuously use a product before seeing the results you desire.

Capillus features a black cap that can be worn inside or out, allowing you the comfort to walk freely outside without having all eyes on you while walking about, although for only 6 minutes a day, you can wear it in the time of making breakfast.

Kiierr Laser Hair Caps

Kiierr also uses low level light therapy within their caps to give you healthier, fuller hair, and is clinically proven to work. Their caps are completely portable, hands free, and can be used with other therapies, products, and treatments. They are FDA cleared with no reported side effects, revitalizes damaged and frail hair, and reverses hair loss like know ones business!

Kiierr has four different caps you can buy:

  • Kiierr148Pro Laser Cap for $695
  • Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap for $895
  • Kiierr148Pro Complete System for $795
  • Kiierr272Premier Complete System for $995

The Kiierr caps work by wearing the black cap for 30 minutes a day, every other day, between three to six months. The best part of this isn’t just the time frame of successful growth, but that they guarantee seven months of growth success or a full refund along with free shipping.

In addition, you also get a two year warranty to make you feel extra protected and confident in your purchase to revitalize your hair.

Comparing the Two

Deciding between the two to help in male/female pattern baldness should be a no brainer. Although they both have positive attributes, Kiierr’s system far outweighs Capillus in almost every aspect.

Lets tackle the big one; cost. Capillus’s cheapest laser growth cap is almost $900 and that’s with only 82 laser diodes. Even their highest count of 272 lasers, the same as Kiierr’s highest laser count with a complete system, is over $2000 more. Most attribute price to success, but it’s the amount of laser diodes that are going to give you the best outcome and fuller, healthier hair, not money.

Kiierr’s time efficiency is also spectacularly better than Capillus. It takes nearly two year to achieve revitalized hair with Capillus, and only three to six months with Kiierr.

The last attribute that makes Kiierr a greater decision than Capillus, is their guarantee and warranty. Unlike Capillus, if you don’t see results within seven months, Kiierr won’t only give you a FULL refund, but will pay for your shipping too. They are that dedicated to you and your hair growth needs, and fully confident in their ability to give you thicker, darker, and healthier hair within six months that they are willing to give you an outstanding guarantee. And if something were to happen to your device within the first two years, they send you a new unit absolutely free.

So, when choosing between the two, there’s only one choice. Kiierr is dedicated to you and your journey in rejuvenating those locks you thought were lost.