Kiierr 272Premier-MD – Laser Cap Only


Everything you love about the Kiierr 272Premier laser cap in a premium version! The “Lexus” of laser caps.

  • Used in doctor’s offices and hair restoration clinics across the USA.
  • Upgraded battery (hard wired for ease of use & consistency of charge, up to 3 more treatments per charge, extra life at 19000 hours life of battery).
  • Faster pulsing rate.
  • The MD XL is longer, wider and deeper base to promote thicker hair even on sides/back of scalp.
  • The MD XL is approx. 25% larger than the original for more scalp coverage. Fits up to 24.5″.
  • Hardwired portable battery for increased treatments.
  • Smart programmed sensor technology. Cap will shut itself off if it falls off your head for increased safety. It will also not turn on unless it’s on your head.
  • No reminder beeps for increased comfort.
  • Enhanced laser panel with individual diode lasers (increased durability, longer lasting more durable build).
  • Includes FREE laser cap carrying case $49.95 value.

The KiierrPremier272-MD is currently available to the general public through summer. This product is typically only available through physicians.

Order Today with our 7-Month Money Back Growth Guarantee! If you don’t see Thicker/Fuller hair in 7 months, send it back for a REFUND! See return policy.


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Grow thicker, healthier hair effortlessly while you watch TV, take a walk, read—you can even sleep with the cap on because it turns off automatically! The Kiierr Cap is the world’s easiest way to get back a full, beautiful head of hair. Use just 30 mins every other day!

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 6 in

Kiierr272Premier-MD-XL – 25% Larger Than Average Head Size, Kiierr272Premier-MD – Fits All Average Size Heads, Up To 23.5" Circumference






  • 272 Diode MD – Laser Helmet
  • Plain Black Ball Cap (wear your laser cap anywhere)
  • Kiierr stretch Fit Headband (secures helmet for comfort)
  • Laser Cap Carrying Case
  • Wall Charger Power Plug
  • USB Cord
  • Portable Power Pack
  • User Manual & FAQ’s Guide