Kiierr Can Help Get That
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Kiierr Laser Caps Give You REAL
Hair Growth In just 30 Mins Every Other Day!

Thousands of men and women have grown thicker, fuller hair and gotten their confidence back in the process! The low-level light therapy (LLLT) used in the Kiierr Laser Hair Cap is clinically proven to treat hair loss. Typical results can be seen after using the Kiierr Cap for 30 minutes every other day for three to six months. Individual results, of course, may vary.

Get Your Hair Back Like It’s 1999!

Kiierr LLLT laser caps are clinically proven to promote thicker, fuller hair
in both men and women. In just 30 minutes every other day you’ll see
those frail follicles transform into thick & healthy hair once again!

Get Your Hair Back Like It’s 1999!

In just 30 minutes every other day you’ll see those frail follicles transform into thick & healthy hair once again!

Try Kiierr Risk Free With Our 7 Month Grow Guarantee

We stand behind the effectiveness of our products 100%. Try any of our laser caps (148 or 272) or complete hair growth system today risk free. If you do not see results after 7 months, you can return your products for a full refund. We pride ourselves on being #1 in customer service with zero hassle returns and extremely helpful customer service staff to help you along the way.

Kiierr laser
Hair growth cap

The Kiierr Cap is a powerful, cutting-edge low-level laser device for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness). The 272 independent laser diodes are contained in a sealed unit that is powered by a lithium battery.

The unit is inserted into the black cap that we provide or any hat or cap that you choose. A carrying case and battery charger are included. The Kiierr technology is completely portable, and you can grow hair inconspicuously anywhere at any time: at home, at work, driving, running errands.

How do kiierr
laser hair caps work?

The Kiierr Cap improves cellular respiration and stimulates hair follicles through the use of low-level light therapy (LLLT). Scientific studies have demonstrated that this technology produces thicker and healthier hair. Both the studies and governing certifications attest to its safety and effectiveness.

Until recently, this technology was available only through expensive procedures performed by physicians. Now, you can have it right in your own home for a more comfortable, more time-efficient method of treating hair loss.

The Kiierr Laser Hair Cap kit consists of the 272-diode laser unit that fits inside any standard ball cap, the lithium battery power pack, battery charger and unmarked black ball cap.

Why choose the
kiierr laser hair cap?

  • It’s completely portable. Fight hair loss and grow thicker hair at home, at work, while walking, driving—anywhere!
  • It’s hands-free and fits into any standard ball cap (unlike the laser hair comb).
  • It’s an effective treatment for thinning hair and androgenetic alopecia in both men and women.
  • It’s a clean method—no dirty or wet hair during or after use.
  • It can be used with other therapies, products and treatments.

FDA Clearance

Means your safe and can have peace of mind.

Does it really work? Yes it’s scientifically proven and FDA cleared.

We’ve Designed Kiierr To Be Your Best Laser Therapy Option

Laser Clinic

Kiierr 148 & 272

Other Laser Caps

Laser Combo
Full Scalp
# of Lasers Varies 148, 272 20 – 80 12
Cost Annual – $3,000 One time-
$4.5 per Laser
One time-
$15 per Laser
One time-
$25 per Laser
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frequently asked questions

How soon until I see results?

Results vary depending on the degree of hair loss when you begin. Hair growth starts at the cellular level. The majority of users, after using the Kiierr272Premier Cap as directed, typically report visible changes in four to five months. Hair becomes thicker, fuller and healthier in approximately six months in most cases.

Why should I use Kiierr rather than go to a clinic?

The Kiierr system is one of the most powerful and comprehensive hair growth systems developed for at-home use and has an equivalent or better output as compared to most in-clinic lasers. There is no contest in convenience. You can use the Kiierr system at home, in the office, driving—wherever, whenever you want!

What is the Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap recommended treatment time?

Thirty minutes a session every other day.

Do physicians advise the use of LLLT for hair growth?

Yes. Medical doctors, including dermatologists, in the United States, Europe and Asia have been prescribing LLLT for patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia for many years.

How does Low Level Laser Light Therapy work for hair growth?

Hair is constantly growing, resting and then shedding the old hair shaft before growing again. With pattern hair loss, the hair becomes progressively thinner and lighter in color with each growing cycle. The cycle keeps repeating until the hair follicle is atrophied. Low level laser light therapy improves cellular respiration, so that hair stays in the growth phase longer, reducing the duration of the dormant stage. This results in the hair growing back thicker and darker, with the hair loss being reversed, stopped or slowed down.


“Kiierr literally changed my life. I was dealing with depression as I didn’t feel like my younger self anymore and had gone through some difficult things. I decided to give the Kiierr laser hair cap a try and five months later I have my hair and my confidence back!”


Matthew Gold
Happy Kiierr Customer

“I used the Kiierr laser hair growth hat for 3½ months. I can’t thank Kiierr enough as now I finally have my confidence back as my hair is much thicker and fuller.”


Denise Summers
Happy Kiierr Customer

FDA Clearance

Kiierr is FDA cleared,
so you can feel 100% safe.

7-Month Growth Guarantee

Try Kiierr for 7 months,
and get a full refund if you
don’t grow beautiful hair.

Use Comfortably At Home

Easy, discreet at home use.
Grow hair privately and comfortably
in your own home.