Over 75,000 Customers Trust Kiierr to help stop Hair loss, Regrow thinning Follicles & Boost confidence.

With just 30 mins Every other day

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Over 75,000 Customers Trust Kiierr to help stop Hair loss, Regrow thinning Follicles & Boost confidence.

With just 30 mins Every other day

  • Stop hair loss in it’s tracks
  • Regrow thick, Healthy follicles
  • increase luster/shine of hair
  • Regain lost self-confidence
  • Keep away hair loss long term

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Kiierr Laser Cap
Hair Growth System



Laser Caps For Hair Growth

kiierr272premier laser hair growth cap
272 Premier Laser Cap | Maximum Strength
$999 – $1,249
Starting at $80/mo with
  • Laser Strength 85% 85%
  • Scalp Coverage 85% 85%
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272 Premier MD Complete System | Doctor Quality
$1,258 – $1,558
Starting at $131/mo with
  • Laser Strength 100% 100%
  • Scalp Coverage 100% 100%
View Details
148 Pro Laser Cap | Affordable Power
$749 – $999
Starting at $59/mo with
  • Laser Strength 75% 75%
  • Scalp Coverage 75% 75%
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Over 75K+ Satisfied & Happy Customers with Amazing Results.

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2 year warranty

FDA cleared

Premium Quality

7 month money back guarantee

Does it really work? Yes, it’s scientifically proven and Kiierr is FDA cleared.

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Fast Treatments

Use for just 30 mins every other day, completely portable for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Doctor Recommended

Kiierr MD Laser Caps are loved by physicians and used in doctor’s offices and hair restoration clinics across the USA

7-Month Growth Guarantee

With over 93% success rate in clinical studies, what are you waiting for?

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Real People, Real Result

Brandon Shares His Kiierr Laser Cap Success Story

“My mom was telling me about a laser light cap that helps you grow hair. I ordered it to try it out. I wear it every other day for 30 minutes. You can wear it at home or on the go. I’m telling you, man, it really works!”

Brandon W.

/ Happy Kiierr Customer

Mark Shares His Kiierr Laser Cap Success Story

“After years of experimenting with several products (which almost always left me with a long price tag & short term results.) I decided to invest in the Kiierr Laser Cap: 22 Premier Model;not only is the battery life incredible”

Mark G.

/ Happy Kiierr Customer


Kiierr Laser Caps Work

Kiierr utilizes a clinically proven and FDA-cleared laser technology called low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to combat hair loss and encourage hair growth.

Begin Treatment

Put your Low-level laser therapy cap on, push the on button, and relax and wait for the device to turn off automatically after 30 mins. Do this once every other day.

Hair Loss Stops

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) from the cap penetrates the scalp and stimulates follicles. This new stimulation prevents the hair follicles from further shrinking caused by Androgenic Alopecia (male/female pattern baldness).

Hair Regrowth Starts

The emmitted laser light increases blood flow and brings more oxygen and nutrients in to strengthen weak hair follicles and grow thicker and longer hair.

Enjoy Thicker, Healthier Hair

After 7 months of consistent use you should notice thick, full, and strong hair replacing the areas of the scalp that were previously thin and wispy. Continued use of the laser cap is necessary to maintain benefits.

7-Month Growth Guarantee

Improved Hair Growth with 7 Months of Use or Your Money Back*

FDA Clearance

Kiierr is FDA cleared, so you can feel 100% safe.

Use Comfortably At Home

Easy, discreet at home use. Grow hair privately and comfortably in your own home.