General Laser Cap Questions

Kiierr Laser Cap Questions

General Laser Cap Questions

What is LLLT?

LLLT is an acronym for Low Level Laser(Light) Therapy. It refers to a therapy that uses laser or light energy below a specific energy threshold and within a specific wavelength. Our wavelength is 650nm and our total output for the 272 is 1360 mW (each diode is 5mW)

This therapy has been used as a treatment for hair growth, tissue healing, and pain relief for decades. Its popularity as a hair loss treatment has been rising steadily due to its effectiveness, its non-invasiveness, and its lack of side effects compared to other options. It is believed that LLLT stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow and oxygenation, triggering the activation of stem cells, increasing protein synthesis, and shifting hair follicles into the active anagen growth phase.

Is LLLT the Same as Infrared?

No, LLLT is not the same thing as infrared. LLLT typically uses laser light that is red in color. Light wavelengths that are 620-750 nm appear red in color. Most LLLT devices use this color of light because it tends to be the best at stimulating hair growth on the scalp. Infrared light is invisible in color, but can be felt as a light heat. Infrared light has wavelengths of about 780 nm to 1mm.

How does LLLT work?

Multiple clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy in promoting hair growth in men and women with androgenetic alopecia. The most recent research has found that LLLT is absorbed into the cells, triggering enhanced cellular activity. In other words, LLLT energizes aging cells and stimulates the production of hair.

How Does Low Level Laser Light Therapy Work for Hair Growth?

Hair is constantly growing, resting and then shedding the old hair shaft before growing again. With pattern hair loss, the hair becomes progressively thinner and lighter in color with each growing cycle. The cycle keeps repeating until the hair follicle is atrophied. Low level laser light therapy improves cellular respiration, so that hair stays in the growth phase longer, reducing the duration of the dormant stage. This results in the hair growing back thicker and darker, with the hair loss being reversed, stopped or slowed down.

How Effective Are Laser Caps For Hair Growth?

There have been many studies testing the efficacy of laser caps and LLLT technology for stimulating hair growth. One study conducted by Raymond J. Lanzafame and associates showed that participants who completed the trial demonstrated a 35% increase in hair growth over a 16-week period using LLLT devices. There have been other studies that show very similar results. Results are similar for both men and women with non-scarring alopecia.

What is the Most Effective Laser Cap? Which Laser Cap is Best?

There are many laser caps available on the market. However, Kiierr is so confident in its products that the company offers a money-back guarantee for anyone who does not see results after 7 months. Kiierr also uses real medical-grade laser diodes and has an abundance of testimonials from satisfied customers, many of which have photos or videos to support the claims. Kiierr’s laser caps are also FDA-cleared for safety. So, essentially, Kiierr is one of the best laser caps on the market.

My Hair is Starting to Thin. Is it Too Soon to Start LLLT Sessions? If so, When Should I Start?

The Kiierr hair growth system is intended for use by men and women afflicted with androgenetic alopecia. LLLT hair treatment can be incorporated into your weekly preventive maintenance routine to preserve and strengthen existing hair and provide a healthy environment for continued growth.

My Hair is Starting to Thin. Is it Too Soon to Start LLLT Sessions? If so, When Should I Start?

The Kiierr hair growth system is intended for use by men and women afflicted with androgenetic alopecia. LLLT hair treatment can be incorporated into your weekly preventive maintenance routine to preserve and strengthen existing hair and provide a healthy environment for continued growth.

Do I Need to Continue Treatment Forever?

Hair loss is a progressive condition. If untreated, you can expect to lose more hair over time. After the initial LLLT treatment period (four to twelve months-depending on the person), you should continue sessions once or twice per week to maintain hair quality. Most LLLT devices for hair growth will recommend continued use after results for maintenance.

Are Laser Caps Safe? What Side Effects do they Have?

LLLT was first discovered to have a positive impact on hair growth in 1967 by Endre Mester at the Semmelweis Medical University in Hungary. Since then, many scientific studies have been conducted to test the safety and effectiveness of laser caps. These studies have consistently proven that laser caps are safe and effective at stimulating hair growth with no significant side effects. It is hypothesized that the main mechanism behind LLLT’s ability to create hair growth is stimulation of epidermal stem cells in the follicle bulge and shifting hair follicles into the anagen growth phase.

Is Shedding Normal When Using a Laser Cap?

Sometimes, a small amount of shedding occurs within the first few weeks when using a laser cap for the first time. This is normal, so if it happens to you, don’t worry. The reason why shedding can sometimes occur is because the LLLT can cause damaged hair to fall out so that new, healthier, and strong hair can grow in its place. This phase usually only lasts a few weeks, with stronger and healthy hair growing in noticeably within a few months. Not everyone who uses a laser cap will see shedding.

Is the Treatment Painful at All?

No, this treatment is designed to be painless for the user. The most you will feel is a slight warmth toward the end of a session due to the increased blood circulation in the scalp.

Can I Use a Laser Cap More Frequently for Faster Results?

There is no evidence that increased LLLT sessions will provide better or faster results. It is important that LLLT caps be used as prescribed: Ex. For Kiierr’s laser caps, each session followed by a period of rest, i.e., use every other day for 30 minutes. Other LLLT caps may have different usage prescriptions, please reference their instructions.

How Does Wavelength Affect LLLT for Hair Loss Treatment?

It is important to use light within the recommended wavelength for laser hair growth treatment. Research and studies consistently suggest that the most effective wavelength for hair growth is between 650-670nm. This wavelength range provides the most efficient and effective rate of absorption that is essential for hair growth. For maximum efficiency, Kiierr’s devices are all 650nm.

At What Age is it Safe to Start LLLT?

LLLT is effective in men and women, ages 18 and older. Please consult your physician if you are under the age of 18 or if you have any adverse health condition that concerns you. LLLT is not recommended for people with light sensitivities.

Is LLLT Safe to Use for a Pregnant or Nursing Woman or Cancer Patients?

Please contact your physician for individual guidance.

Do Physicians Advise the Use of LLLT for Hair Growth?

Yes. Medical doctors, including dermatologists, in the United States, Europe and Asia have been prescribing LLLT for patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia for many years.

Are There any Medical Studies (clinical trials) That Support the Use of LLLT for Hair Growth?

Yes, there have been many clinical studies conducted on laser caps to test their safety and efficacy. The results of clinical studies for LLLT consistently show that laser caps are safe and effective for treating hair loss. This clinical study of low-level laser light therapy showed a 37% increase in hair growth for the active treatment group over a 16-week period. There are many other clinical studies that have produced similar results with majority showing LLLT treatment for hair growth is safe and effective.

Please see our page with other LLLT clinical studies here.

Will All Laser and Light Devices Provide Equivalent Results?

No. Devices differ in power, energy output and coverage, therefore, results will differ. There are devices that require the user to manually move a comb or brush repeatedly over the scalp for 15-30 minutes at a time. This is not only a tiresome process, it does not provide the necessary consistent application of the light. The Kiierr272Premier hair growth system is hands-free, completely automated, easy to use and concealed in a standard ball cap. Each 30-minute treatment session provides the most consistent scalp coverage on the market today.

Which Laser Caps Are FDA-Cleared?

There are a number of laser caps that have been cleared by the FDA for safety. For example, all of the following laser cap brands have had their products cleared by the FDA: KiierrCapillusillumiflowHairMaxiRestore, and Revian. If you are thinking about using a laser cap in order to regrow your hair, you should strongly consider going with one that has been cleared by the FDA for safety. This is the only way to guarantee that the cap that you are using will be safe.

Do Laser Caps Need FDA Approval?

Yes, laser caps are Class II medical devices that are required to be cleared by the FDA in order to be launched on the market. So, any company that wants to sell laser caps in the U.S. has to comply with all of the FDA’s rules for these devices. However, that doesn’t mean that all laser cap companies around the world have FDA clearance. Laser cap companies like Kiierr which have had their products cleared by the FDA are the safest option.

Can Laser Caps Cause Hair Loss?

No, laser caps do not cause hair loss. In fact, for the vast majority of people who use them, they will cause hair growth. However, it is true that some people do see minimal shedding within the first few weeks of using a laser cap. It is believed that this is because as treatment begins, weak and unhealthy hairs are shed by the scalp so that new, stronger, healthier, and thicker hairs can be grown. Within 3-4 months of treatment, most people see significant hair growth.

Can Laser Caps Cause Cancer?

No, laser caps do not cause cancer. In fact, LLLT was actually discovered during a medical experiment with ruby lasers to cure cancer. Certain wavelengths of light have been found to stimulate healing in the body. The process of using lasers to stimulate healing within the body is called photobiomodulation. One frequency for low-level laser lights that has been proven to have a positive impact on hair growth is 650 nm. Kiierr laser caps are calibrated to emit laser light in this frequency. Laser caps have been proven to be safe and effective with no significant long-term side effects, including cancer.

Will a Laser Cap Help Boost Results after a Hair Transplant?

It is possible that a laser cap could boost results after getting a hair transplant. This is because using a laser cap could stimulate even more hair to grow on your scalp. However, to see improved results, you will most likely have to wait at least several months after your hair transplant is complete and you start using a laser cap for hair growth. The degree to which using a laser cap will help to boost the results of a hair transplant depends on how successful your hair transplant was, which laser cap you use, and whether or not you use the laser cap correctly and consistently. Also, using a laser cap should not harm the results of your hair transplant.

Are There Other Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment Options Available for Hair Loss?

Yes. The original FDA-cleared LLLT device for hair loss was a hand-held comb with 9 laser diodes. The user must comb the device through the hair for 15 minutes 3 times a week. The second FDA-cleared device was an in-office hood with 90 bulbs. The user goes to a clinic and sits under the hood three times a week. The Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Growth Cap uses the same laser diodes as those two devices. However, the Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap has 272 diodes, providing consistent, full coverage to the scalp. More importantly, the Kiierr272Premier Cap is much more user-friendly and time-efficient. It is a hands-free device that allows you to continue your normal activities while receiving the treatment. No trips to an expensive clinic needed and the Kiierr272Premier Cap requires only a one-time investment!

How Much Do Laser Caps Cost? Why Are They So Expensive?

Laser caps vary in price depending on a number of factors including how many laser diodes they have. However, prices for laser caps typically range from about $600-$2,000. The reason why laser helmets are so expensive is because many contain medical-grade laser diodes which are not cheap. Generally speaking, the more laser diodes a laser cap has, the more expensive it will be. Also, many laser cap companies manufacture their laser caps under very specific guidelines in order to remain in compliance with the FDA rules in order to remain FDA-cleared. However, for many people, spending $500-$2,000 is well worth it in order to get their hair back. Also, laser caps are significantly cheaper than some other hair loss treatments such as hair transplants, which cost about $4,000-$15,000.

Where Can I Buy a Laser Cap?

There are many different websites where you can buy a laser cap on the internet. However, is perhaps the best place to buy a laser cap. This is because Kiierr not only offers multiple different laser cap options at different price points, but Kiierr’s laser caps are also FDA-cleared, and have a 93% success rate in clinical trials. Kiierr’s laser caps are also doctor-recommended and the company offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results in 7 months.

General Laser Cap Questions

Does the Kiierr Laser Cap Work?

Yes, Kiierr laser caps work. In fact, they have a 93% success rate in clinical trials. It is not a certainty that they will work for every person. But, for the vast majority of people who use them, they produce substantial hair growth if they are used for at least 7 months. Kiierr is so confident that their products are effective that the company offers a money-back guarantee, if you use the product for at least 7-months.

Do Kiierr Laser Caps Work For Both Men and Women?

Yes. Kiierr Laser Caps are FDA-Cleared to promote hair growth for both Men and Women. We have a tremendous amount of success stories for both genders as our customers are a great mix of men and women. In addition, all Kiierr hair growth supplement products work great for both Men and Women!

What Kiierr Laser Cap Provides The Best Results?

Kiierr has multiple laser cap options and all of them can help to generate significant hair growth. However, the Kiierr 272 Premier MD Laser Cap is the best laser cap that Kiierr offers. This is because this cap has the most powerful medical-grade laser diodes, extra safety features and an upgraded battery. This cap has a larger size option that provides more scalp coverage because of its wider and deeper base to promote thicker hair. The Kiierr 272Premier MD has been used in doctor’s offices and hair restoration clinics across the U.S. to hair loss. 

How Do I Use the Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Growth Cap?

Firstly, fully charge the battery pack while in the off position for eight hours. Secondly, put the Kiierr Laser Cap insert into the Kiierr hat provided or any hat you desire. Lastly, connect the battery pack to the Kiierr Laser Cap Insert and turn on the power switch. You may need to press and hold the power button. Then, wear your cap per your user manual’s instructions.

What is the Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Growth Cap Recommended Treatment Time?

Use for thirty minutes every other day. Do not use more than once a day. Use for a full 7-12 months for best results and then continue using on a maintenance regimen.

Can You Use the Kiierr Laser Cap Every Day?

The best results are actually seen when the Kiierr laser cap is used for thirty minutes every other day. So, no, you shouldn’t use it every day. There is no need because you won’t get any better results by using it every day. Instead, just use the cap for thirty minutes every other day. This is all you need to do in order to get maximum hair growth results.

Is the Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Growth Cap Fully Automated/Portable?

Yes. The Kiierr Laser Caps requires no manual effort. Simply place the cap on your head, turn it on and sit back, relax and enjoy your new hair growth. The cap is wired, portable and will auto shutoff after the 30 minutes has passed.

I’m Completely Bald and Want to Use Kiierr. Will it Work For Me?

I’m Completely Bald and Want to Use Kiierr. Will it Work For Me?

Is the Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Growth Cap Regulated for Safety?

Yes. The Kiierr laser hair growth technology uses Class 3R Lasers, recognized as safe by worldwide governing medical bodies. It meets the safety guidelines established by the United States and many foreign governments. Kiierr is manufactured according to ISO 13485, the most stringent standard for medical devices.

Are There any Risks or Adverse Side Effects Associated With Using the Kiierr272Premier Cap?

We recommend that people with light sensitivity or active cancer patients not use our product. You should also consult with your doctor to see if laser light therapy is ok for you to use. We want to underscore the importance of never looking directly at the laser light to avoid possible damage to the eyes.

Does the Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Cap Emit Any Heat or Radiation?

Be assured that Kiierr laser technology is safe and cleared by the FDA. Only low-energy medical grade laser diodes are used. Clinical studies have confirmed that Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is safe. It has been used for decades in hair restoration clinics.

Is the Kiierr272Premier Safe to Use at Home?

It is not only safe to use at home, it was specifically designed for home, office and travel use. Safety features include a mechanism that controls the laser devices.

Can I Use a Kiierr Laser Cap on Wet Hair?

We strongly recommend against using the Kiierr laser cap with wet hair. This is because laser caps are electronic devices and can be damaged by too much exposure to water. If the Kiierr laser cap gets wet, it could cause electrical shock. To ensure your safety, please use the cap with fully dry hair.

Do I Need Eye Safety?

The Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Cap is a class 3R laser device. Please avoid direct eye contact with the laser device at all times. Please wait to turn on the cap until after you place it on your head.

Why Should I Use Kiierr Rather Than Go to a Clinic?

The Kiierr system is one of the most powerful and comprehensive hair growth systems developed for at-home use and has an equivalent or better output as compared to most in-clinic lasers. There is no contest in convenience. You can use the Kiierr system at home, in the office, driving — wherever, whenever you want!

Do I Need to Wash my Hair or Use a Special Shampoo Before Using my Kiierr272Premier Cap?

Do I Need to Wash my Hair or Use a Special Shampoo Before Using my Kiierr272Premier Cap?

Can Kiierr Laser Caps Be Used if I am Using Other Hair Treatments?

Yes. Other treatment options for hair loss work by completely different mechanisms. You can continue using them while using Kiierr. The combination may provide additional benefits. Many hair transplant surgeons recommend LLLT after surgery to improve healing. Please consult the surgeon before using Kiierr.

Why are Kiierr Laser Caps Preferred over other Chemical Treatments like Propecia and Finasteride?

There are several reasons why laser caps are preferred over chemical treatments like Propecia and Finasteride. The first is because laser caps are not known to have any significant side effects unlike chemical treatments, which commonly have many unwanted side effects. For example, all of the following side effects are commonly seen with Finasteride – chills, cold sweats, confusion, dizziness, fainting, lightheadedness, bloating, hives, rapid weight gain, and many more. Additionally, with laser caps, it is a one time investment and not recurring purchases.

Can Kiierr Laser Caps be Used With Treatments such as Rogaine or Propecia?

Yes. However, keep in mind that the use of pharmaceuticals is not required to achieve results with the Kiierr272Premier Cap. That’s what’s great about Kiierr technology!

I’ve Had Hair Transplant Surgery. Is There a Benefit to Using the Kiierr272Premier?

Yes. In a hair transplant, hair follicles are taken from an area of your scalp where hair growth is thickest (usually the back of the head) and transplanted into the area with thinning hair. Initially, the thickness of the hair is greatly improved. However, the “un-transplanted” hair continues to thin and fall out, and you have thin hair again. You may need more transplant surgery. The Kiierr272Premier LLLT cap can maintain the health of your hair, thus reducing or eliminating the need for subsequent transplants.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We can ship to most parts of the world. Applicable shipping rates will vary. Please reference this page for more shipping info.

Is There a Guarantee That Comes with the Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Growth Cap?

There certainly is! Because we are certain that you will be satisfied with your Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap, we offer a generous money-back growth guarantee. In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must use your Kiierr cap every other day for 7 consecutive months as instructed in your user manual, and register your cap at

Please note that only orders placed directly on our website are eligible for the 7-month money-back growth guarantee. You can find the policy here.

Is There a Warranty if my Kiierr Cap Stops Functioning Properly?

Our warranty covers your Kiierr Cap for two years from the date of purchase. It protects against factory defects and workmanship errors. If your unit has stopped functioning within this time period, please contact our service department by sending a short video or photo to [email protected] so we can help you with your warranty.

If you are having an issue with the battery, please check out this quick start guide to help.

How Soon Until I See Results and When Should I Register my Device for the Warranty?

Results vary depending on the degree of hair loss when you begin. Hair growth starts at the cellular level. The majority of users, after using the Kiierr272Premier Cap as directed, typically report visible changes in four to seven months. Hair becomes thicker, fuller and healthier in approximately seven months in most cases.

You should register your product within the first 45 days of receiving your device to be eligible for the growth guarantee. Go to to register device and upload your photo.

Why is the Kiierr Laser Cap so Popular Compared to Others?

The Kiierr laser cap is so popular for many reasons. First of all, it is FDA-cleared which means it is a regulated medical device. Second, Kiierr offers a money-back guarantee if you do not see results after 7 months of continuous directed use of 30 minutes every other day. Kiierr laser caps also have a 93% success rate in clinical studies which means that the vast majority of people who use Kiierr’s products will see results. Our laser caps are discreet and well designed for maximum scalp coverage. Finally, Kiierr laser caps have many positive testimonials and reviews from happy customers. See for yourself!