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“I’m 84 and have been getting my hair permed for over 40 years to make my hair appear fuller. I’ve used this cap after my grandson recommended it for about 2 months religiously. I can definitely say my hair has gotten thicker and even more healthy looking. My new husband of 6 1/2 years said he’s never seen me look so nice.”

Naomi G.
Happy Kiierr Customer

“I used the Kiierr laser hair growth hat and couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank Kiierr enough as now I finally have my confidence back as my hair is much thicker and fuller.”

Denise S.
Happy Kiierr Customer

“Kiierr literally changed my life. I was dealing with depression as I didn’t feel like my younger self anymore and had gone through some difficult things. I decided to give the Kiierr laser hair cap a try and five months later I have my hair and my confidence back!”

Matthew G.
Happy Kiierr Customer

“I always had nice, thick hair and NEVER thought I would be struggling with a receding hair line. My dad and grandfather both have very thick hair and although I’ve heard you get your hair traits from your mothers side I’ve always had thick, great hair just like them.

So imagine my horror during my mid 30’s that I suddenly notice, then shortly thereafter become paranoid about my new and obvious increased thinning hair. Fast forward to me researching all types of hair growth therapies online and even for a second considering hair transplant surgery if it kept getting worse.

“What I discovered was that low level laser light therapy was not only safe/FDA cleared but was likely the only REAL way to regrow my hair without surgery. So I took a leap, used this laser cap every other day for a few months and am happy to share that I again have the thick, beautiful hair of my high school days haha!”

Mike A.
Happy Kiierr Customer

“I’ve used the Kiierr laser cap for about the last 2 months and am already seeing results.. Which quite honestly has been a bit emotional for me after basically writing off my thinning hair as something I just had to deal with and have been dealing with for the last 10-15 years.

It wasn’t until a family member told me about this cap that I even knew this type of thing existed! So a big thank you to Kiierr for giving me my confidence back! The customer support has also been extremely nice and helpful as initially I called/emailed about several questions I had about using the cap.”

Lisa T.
Happy Kiierr Customer

100% Money back Guarantee

We stand behind the effectiveness of our products 100%. Try any of our laser caps (148 or 272) or complete hair growth system today risk free. If you do not see results after 6 months, you can return your priducts for a full refund. We pride ourselves on being the #1 customer service company in the industry with zero hassle returns and extremely helpful customer service staff to help you along the way.