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Regain fuller hair with Kiierr Laser Cap - clinically proven, safe, and effective. Enjoy visible growth or get your money back after 7 months. Free shipping included.

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Karla Porter

"I started the cap treatment approximately the end of July 2021 and have been using it as directed. The after pictures were taken in March of this year. I've always had thin hair in the crown but 3 months after having Covid my hair started coming out in handfuls. The Kiierr cap was what helped along with the shampoo/conditioner and other supplements such as biotin." Karla Porter / Happy Kiierr Customer

Mark Shares His Kiierr Laser Cap Success Story

"After years of experimenting with several products (which almost always left me with a long price tag & short term results.) I decided to invest in the Kiier 272 Premier Model. After only 6 months of continuous use, there has been a remarkable improvement in the strength, structure and integrity of my existing hair with noticeable growth in my previous 'problem areas'.” Mark G. / Happy Kiierr Customer


Will laser therapy work for my type of hair loss?

Absolutely! The great thing about Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is its versatility! Whether you are male or female, 18 or 88, from pattern baldness to hair thinning due to stress or medical conditions like including alopecia areata, hormonal imbalances, telogen effluvium and so much more.

Users of all hair textures and skin tones have seen incredible results, regardless of age. Start your journey to thicker, healthier hair today and see why so many trust Kiierr for their hair growth needs!

We have 4 laser cap options: 148 Pro, 272 Premier, 272 MD Elite, and 302 MD Ultra Flex. Choosing the right cap depends on your specific needs. For early stages of hair loss or those on a budget who are okay with slower, steadier results, the 148 Pro is ideal. If you're seeking more significant and quicker regrowth, the 272 Premier is our bestseller.

For larger head sizes or extensive coverage, the 272 MD Elite is perfect. Lastly, the 302 MD Ultra Flex offers the fastest results and superior comfort. Ideal for severe hair loss, this model also offers a soft flex fit for maximum comfort.

Results vary, but most users see noticeable improvements within 6-12 weeks. We’re so confident in our product that we offer a 7-month growth guarantee—if you don’t see results, you can return the cap!

Laser therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and natural way to treat hair loss before considering more drastic measures like medications or surgery.

Choosing Kiierr is like joining a family & community committed to hair recovery. Since 2017, we've provided top-quality, medical-grade laser caps with a solid 2-year warranty. With our 7-month growth guarantee, you can trust that we're as invested in your hair journey as you are.

Our exceptional customer service is always ready to support your journey; real people who genuinely care, ready to guide, support, and celebrate your progress with you.

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What's Included With Your Kiierr Laser Cap

  • 148 or 272 Diode Laser Helmet – Fits Most Heads, Up To 23.5 Circumference (fits in any standard ball cap)
  • Plain Black Ball Cap (wear your laser cap anywhere)
  • Stretch Fit Headband (secures helmet for comfort)
  • Wall Charger Power Plug
  • USB Cord
  • Portable Power Pack
  • User Manual & FAQ’s Guide

Treatment Process Timeline

Effective and Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment

Kiierr Laser Caps use only premium laser diodes (650nm wavelength) for maximum hair growth (no LED’S). In addition, you get
a 2 yr product warranty so you can feel confident your purchase is protected. If you experience any issues,
we’ll send you a new unit absolutely free!

Idaho Dermatology Physician Assistant Discusses Success With Kiierr Laser Cap

Idaho dermatology physician assistant, Amy McKinlay, discusses her success with the Kiierr 272-laser diode laser cap. The Kiierr laser cap and its low level laser therapy technology has significantly helped
improve the hair growth on her scalp. Amy currently works for Idaho Skin Institute and has over 13 years of experience in the dermatology field. To learn more about Kiierr hair growth caps

Clinically Proven to Safely Grow Hair in just 30 Minutes

The Kiierr Laser Cap uses scientifically proven LLLT technology to regenerate your hair follicles giving them increased energy & blood
flow. In just 30 minutes every other day you’ll see those frail follicles transform into thick & healthy hair once again!

How To Use

Place the device comfortably on your head and push the on button to begin your session. The laser cap will automatically turn off when finished.

There’s no need for technical knowledge or any kind of struggle. The Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap requires no manual effort. Simply put it on your head, relax, and enjoy your day while the laser treatment does its work.

And did we mention it’s safe? Clinical studies have confirmed that this Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is safe, and has been used in clinics for
decades with wonderful results–but now you can use it from the comfort of your own home, car, or wherever you are!

Kiierr Laser Cap is an Affordable Hair Regrowth Option

Until recently, this incredible technology was available only through expensive machines and procedures
performed by physicians. Now, with Kiierr you can utilize LLLT to grow hair in your own home for a more
comfortable, time-efficient and more affordable hair loss treatment.

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