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Karla P. – The Kiierr cap really helped after Covid!!

I started the cap treatment approximately the end of July 2021 and have been using it as directed. The after pictures were taken in March of this year. I’ve always had thin hair in the crown but 3 months afer having Covid my hair started coming out in handfuls. The Kiierr cap was what helped along with the shampoo/conditioner and other supplements such as biotin.

Tonya M. Shares HER Kiierr Laser Cap Testimonial

I have been using the 272 for around 8 months now – my problem area was the sides of my head near the temples. I no longer see as much scalp and my hair feels so much healthier!! I had a family member buy this for me because I was feeling too skeptical to buy it for myself. Now that I’ve used it, I cant believe I didn’t buy it myself!!! I’m just very very impressed and definitely recommend this product to everyone who asks about my hair. I feel like a new woman!!

Rolando T. Shares His Kiierr MD Laser Cap Testimonial

I have started to see improvement to my hair since using the Kiierr MD laser cap. I also use the dermal restorative cream as well.

Robert M. Shares His Grateful Kiierr Laser Cap Success Story

I recently purchased and received the Kiierr 272 Premier Laser Growth Cap. I took a photo of my hair on December 4th just before I wore the Kiierr 272 cap for the first time shown with the blue checkered shirt. Today my wife noted that my hair is already coming in thicker, so we took another photo today on December 19th shown with my yellow shirt.Read more about I recently purchased and received the

My wife is so glad we purchased the Kiierr 272 Premier Laser Growth Cap. I am looking forward to the future results with this wonderful product.

My Son Has His Hair Back Now Thanks To Kiierr Laser Cap – Results After 9 Weeks – Recommended By Our Dermatologist

So my son Will is 23 years old. We noticed in March of 2017 his hair was starting to thin on top. We didn’t panic but but October 2017 you could start to see serious balding areas. So his hair dresser recommended his start to do the Minoxidil drops asap, so he did. So, from October 2017 until December 2018 he used the drops. We noticed while on the drops his hair was not growing back but, the failing out had minimized. His hair got dry and had a course texture to it, but at least he still had hair! In mid December his scalp started burning bad to the drops so he immediately discontinued and we called a Dermatologist. She started him on some drops and recommended we buy a red light. I went home and immediately started researching hair light products. What SOLD me on your product was the 7 month money back guarantee. I thought you must have a lot of faith in your product if you are willing to guarantee hair growth or you money back. He also started the supplements you sell and the DHT Blocking shampoo and conditioner. This all started on Dec. 21, 2018. He is away at college so I haven’t seen him until this weekend when he came home and I could look at his hair growth progress. We are excited it is helping! I attached the day we started picture and a picture from last Friday, March 1, 2019. He has been faithfully using all the products as directed for 9 weeks!! We are very HAPPY with the results we have gotten so far!