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Our popular DHT Blocking Vitamins help improve scalp circulation, block DHT & promote hair growth!

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  • Ideal for supplementing hair loss or thinning hair regimen
  • Inhibit DHT conversion with Saw Palmetto, Horsetail Extract & Zinc
  • Enhanced with Vitamin B-6, Biotin, Folic Acid
  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains Soy & Shellfish
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Kiierr DHT Blocking Hair Growth Vitamins

Kiierr DHT Blocking Vitamins help naturally block or inhibit DHT using Horsetail Extract, Folic Acid, Vitamin B, and Saw Palmetto. Unlike other harsh treatments our DHT blocking vitamins are all natural and gentle.

Nettle Root Extract has been used to treat hereditary hair loss or BPH; it does this by helping slow the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Saw Palmetto has been shown to lower the levels of DHT in both men and women and it does this by blocking the main enzyme called 5 alpha reductase. Zinc is also important for healthy hair. Insufficient zinc levels may result in loss of hair, hair that looks thin and dull and that goes grey early. Unlike other harsh treatments our DHT blocking vitamins are all natural and gentle.

Learn About the Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto: Shown to lower the levels of DHT in both men and women and it does that by blocking the main enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which can build up around the base of the hair follicle. It also helps loosen build up on the scalp that reduces and restricts micro-circulation and capillary blood flow and delivery of vital nutrients and minerals to the follicle papilla and cuticle.

Folic Acid: It is beneficial for healthy hair growth and it helps all of your tissues grow and various cells work. These tissues include skin, hair, nails and organs. A folic acid deficiency can lead to gray hair, mouth ulcers, peptic ulcers, swollen tongue and poor growth, including poor hair growth.

Biotin: This is one of the most well-known ingredients to help with healthy hair. It improves your keratin infrastructure which is instrumental in your hair follicle health and strength. Your body needs biotin to help convert certain nutrients into energy. When we don’t get enough biotin intake, we can experience hair loss as well as scaly red rashes.

Barley Grass: This is rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. It is also rich in chlorophyll that detoxifies your body from harmful toxins. Barley contains all the vital nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber as well as vitamins and antioxidants that are vital for hair health and offers the following hair care benefits, promotes hair growth, combats hair loss, and restores hair color.

Horsetail Extract: It contains selenium, a mineral that is essential for the proper growth of your hair, as it helps your body process iodine, which regulates hair growth as well.

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Take 2 capsules a day. One in the morning with a meal and one in the evening with a meal.



Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine hcl) 10 mg, Folic Acid 400 mcg, Biotin 300 mcg, Pantothenic Acid (d-cal. pantothenate) 300 mg, Zinc (oxide) 10 mg, Copper (oxide) 1 mg, Catalase 5000 IU, Horsetail (8% extract) 100 mg, Saw Palmetto (40-45% extract) 300 mg, PABA (para-Aminobenzoic Acid) 200 mg, L-Tyrosine 200 mg, Plant Sterols (45% beta-sitosterol) 100 mg, Nettle Root Extract 100 mg, Chlorophyll 2% Extract (from chlorella) 20 mg, Fo-Ti Powder 20 mg, Barley Grass Juice Powder 20 mg

Other ingredients: Gelatin (bovine) & vegetable magnesium stearate, Contains Soy & Shellfish



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DHT Blocking Hair Growth Vitamins