The hair and technology industry has been booming with talk of laser therapy and it’s effectiveness on hair regrowth. There are many products on the shelf, boasting results, and I’m sure it can be a bit overwhelming. But before you dismiss the tech and assume it’s just another failed system, you should definitely know these 5 important facts when it comes to buying one of these beauties.

#1 It’s Affordable

Many Laser Hair Cap Systems are extremely affordable ranging from $575 to just under $1000 depending on the system and package itself. But compared to other procedures, this is relatively cheap. Procedures such as hair transplants could cost you anywhere from 4 to 15 grand, completely out of pocket since it is considered a cosmetic surgery. Kiierr’s Laser Hair Cap System not only gives you the option to finance, interest free, four payments, but also gives you your money back guaranteed if you don’t reach your results within seven months. Considering the treatment period lasts from four to six months, this is an amazing deal.

#2 It’s Easy to Use

Low level light therapy was once only used in clinics specializing in hair regrowth, but now it has been brought to you, making it an easy technological device anyone can use. All you need to do is make sure you fully charge the battery pack while in the off position, then put the laser cap into the hat provided (or any hat you desire), and then connect the battery pack to the laser cap insert and turn the power switch on. You wear the cap every other day for 30 minutes and then that’s that. It’s that simple! The beauty of these devices is that you can wear them on the go or while you’re at home.

#3 Laser Therapy has Little to no reported Side Effects

Laser therapy is one of the safest products to use. No risks or side effects have been identified, from both extensive testing and user experience, and is absolutely painless. The only warning that they do advise to follow, is to never look directly into the lasers to avoid possible damage to the eyes, but that’s a no brainer. Low level light therapy is a great alternative if you are worried about medication risks and side effects, or if you don’t want to undergo hair transplant surgery.

#4 Laser Therapy is FDA Cleared

Not only is low level light therapy FDA cleared, but is praised by medical experts and scientists alike. Medical doctors, including dermatologists, in the United States, Europe, and Asia have been prescribing low level light therapy for patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia for many years, trusting in the tech to get the job done. It definitely gives a peace of mind when buying the system, understanding that it actually works. You can even go the the FDA website and search for the system just to make sure!

#5 It’s Literally Proven to Treat Hair Loss

The science backs it, as well as medical professionals. Laser therapy slows the progression of pattern hair loss, improving cellular respiration and stimulating hair follicles, producing thicker, healthier hair. Both studies and governing certifications attest to the safety and effectiveness of using low level light therapy hair growth caps. If you don’t believe me, why not give it a try? There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!