Onion Juice for Hair Growth

onion juice for hair growth

There cannot be any person existing on the planet right who would not agree with us when we say hair growth is a painstaking process. We are sure you often find yourself on the verge of giving up, too, with all the patience, time, and effort the promise demands.

While we admit the task is challenging, we are also here to tell you that the process of hair growth does not need to be painfully slow. With effective stimulants, you can grow your hair at a faster rate than you can imagine. Onion juice for hair growth is one such miracle we are talking about here.

For many years, people have used this home remedy to maintain their health and grow strong. While most of us find the smell of onion quite pungent, the truth, however, is that topical application of this natural ingredient can be beneficial.

Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Growth

benefits of onion juice for hair growth

Onion juice is a fail-proof method for enhancing your hair growth and promoting regrowth. But what are the reasons that make onion juice for hair growth so effective?

  • Onion juice boosts the levels of an antioxidant we know as enzyme catalase. This is the enzyme that decomposes the hydrogen peroxide and thus optimizes the cycle of your hair growth.
  • Onion is rich in sulfur content, which minimizes the likelihood of your hair breaking and thinning.
  • Since onion contains sulfur, it, therefore, nourishes your hair follicles. Sulfur is an essential component for regenerating hair follicles.
  • The antibacterial properties present in your hair work to keep your scalp free from all infections and healthy. An unhealthy, infected scalp can also cause hindrance in healthy hair growth. The antibacterial properties also help to diminish dandruff from your hair.
  • As mentioned above, onion juice for hair is an effective stimulant and thus regulates and improves your circulation of blood. This activity also keeps your hair follicles well nourished.

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Why You Must Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth

why you must use onion juice for hair growth

Onion juice is an effective remedy for hair loss. It can also restore the shine and luster of your hair. Furthermore, if you suffer from dandruff and premature graying, you can use onion juice to help eliminate these two hair problems. 

As per the claims made by scientific studies, onion juice can be beneficial in treating the following hair problems:

  • Scalp infection
  • Dandruff
  • Premature hair graying
  • Itchy, dry or inflamed scalp
  • Thinning hair
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle and dry hair

How Does Onion Juice Treat Hair Loss?

onion juice can treat hair loss

Scientific studies claim that onion juice is beneficial to control hair loss. The primary reason supporting this fact is that onions contain high dietary sulfur, which is a necessary nutritional element for our bodies.

You can also find amino acids in sulfur that are protein components. Since proteins, especially keratin, are sulfur-rich, it is essential for healthy growth of strong hair. With onion juice applied to your scalp, you provide extra sulfur that promotes thicker and stronger hair. This prevents hair breakage and boosts the growth of your hair.

Since onions are sulfur-rich, they may also boost the production of collagen. You must be aware of the fact that collagen assists in producing healthy hair cells and encourages more substantial hair growth. Additionally, several scientific claims also show us that onions can stimulate blood circulation. If you apply onion to your scalp and hair, you will promote a better supply of blood to your hair follicles, which in turn will give a boost to your hair growth.

Things to Know Before Using Onion Juice for Hair Growth

things you must know about onions

Before you use onion juice for hair growth, you must note a few things. Although onion juice is relatively safe to use, you must not use it in case you suffer from any kind of allergy related to onions. Some of you may not be particularly allergic to onion but may experience itching and redness. This may happen because onions are caustic to the skin. 

The severity of this side effect depends on how strong a concoction you prepare. You can, however, prevent this side effect from occurring by combining onion juice with coconut oil, aloe vera, or a similar emollient. This will not cause the caustic side effect to irritate your skin. 

You must not use onion juice for treating hair conditions such as alopecia or baldness. Onion juice can help in promoting your hair growth, but it cannot reverse hair issues. Furthermore, if a person takes regularly prescribed medications (such as aspirin), it can likely increase the person’s sensitivity to onion juice when they apply it to their skin. If you are worried about interactions, it is most advisable to conduct a skin test before you adopt onion juice or even seek your doctor’s advice first. 

Pairing onion juice with a laser cap

kiierr 272premier laser hair cap

Now knowing the properties behind onion juice, you can confidently pair this treatment method with the use of Kiierr’s laser hair growth cap. Laser caps can be used in conjunction with other hair treatments, medications, masks, etc. to boost hair growth. By using onion juice one day, and LLLT treatment the next, your hair will be given the proper stimulation it needs to encourage follicle growth. We do not recommend using both of these treatment methods at the same time. For example, refrain from having onion juice on your head while doing your 30-minute laser cap treatment.

How You Can Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth

how to make onion juice for hair growth

Thankfully, preparing onion juice for hair growth at home is not a difficult task. These simple steps can help you easily prepare the juice at home. Here we go:

  • Take an onion or two and peel.
  • Chop them into slices and proceed to blend.
  • Take a muslin cloth and strain the mixture. You do not need any onion chunks in the juice; thus, the straining is a necessary step.
  • Take the filtered juice and apply it to your scalp. Massage it well into the scalp, using circular motions. Allow the onion juice to sit in your hair for an hour.
  • Proceed to rinse with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. Ensure you wash thoroughly to get rid of the overpowering onion smell. 


Onion juice for hair growth is one of the most affordable, natural, and safe remedies that can benefit your hair significantly. It is a simple home remedy that does not require much effort, but consistent use of it can bring desirable results. Scientific studies claim that onion juice stimulates the growth of your hair, improves its thickness, and can even assist in regenerating new growth. You can also pair onion juice with the use of your laser cap and LLLT treatment to improve thinning hair.


Have you ever used onion juice to boost your hair growth process? Let us know below! In the meantime, check out this next article for other DIY home remedies for your hair: DIY Hair Growth Mask Recipes.


Onion Juice for Hair Growth FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Can onion juice regrow hair?” answer-0=”Onions contain properties that allow them to effectively stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to encourage new growth.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How long should you leave onion juice in your hair?” answer-1=”Leave onion juice in your hair for approximately one hour for best results.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Can onion juice be left on hair overnight?” answer-2=”It is best to leave onion juice on the hair and scalp for a time of one hour. It is not recommended to leave it on overnight.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Which onion is best for hair growth?” answer-3=”Red onions are best for hair growth.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]