Kiierr Dermaroller For Hair Loss

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1.) Derma rolling assists in the absorption of other hair growth treatment methods like low level light therapy (LLLT), topical dermal restorative creams and DHT-blocking shampoos.

2.) Blood flow is increased in the scalp, allowing the essential oxygen and nutrients to travel to the hair follicles.

3.) Derma rollers jump-start the healing process helping to stimulate hair growth in problematic areas.

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In this 2018 study, they concluded that “The mean increase in hair count in the targeted area of one square inch at the end of the treatment was significantly greater for the combination treatment group (12.52/inch2) compared to that for the minoxidil alone group (1.89/inch2).” This is very exciting news to those looking to maximize the results of their chosen hair loss treatment method.

How To Use

How to Use a Derma Roller on Your Scalp

Pick the size of your needle

When researching micro-needling and hair loss, the web suggests a needle of 1.5 millimeters as the most common length for treating hair loss. This size coordinates with the depth of the penetration, as your hair follicles sit between 1 to 2 millimeters deep within your dermis. This is the exact depth of penetration that is required. Another option is using shorter needles, but they might not be as effective.

Establish a good wash routine and sterilize the derma roller

An exfoliating shampoo brush along with a thorough lathering and rinsing process will lift away all the dead skin and dirt present on the surface of one’s scalp. After washing, the derma roller including (the needles) need to be sanitized using rubbing alcohol.

Use a wide-tooth comb

Combing out all the tangles and knots is essential to allow the derma roller to cover all areas of the scalp when micro-needling.

Parting hair to allow unrestricted access

First, part your hair all the way to one side and roll. When this area is done, move to the next. Part your hair in sections to fully reach all areas of the scalp.

Use the derma roller horizontally

When micro-needling at home, work from side to side on each exposed portion of your scalp using a horizontal motion.

Maximize stimulation

Make sure you cover all areas of the scalp, go over each area several times before completing the treatment. Studies suggests ten rolls per one area. Using two different derma rollers to try and stimulate hair growth can also be effective. The difference in the rollers will be the size of the needles.

For example, as previously mentioned, the most common needle size to use in a derma roller for micro-needling purposes is 1.5 mm. However, evidence has shown that using rollers with different sized needles may help speed up the hair growth process.

Needles vary from 0.15 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.0 mm, and 1.5 mm. The derma rollers with smaller needles are known to help penetrate the scalp at the proper depth, whereas derma rollers with longer needles are designed to penetrate the scalp at a deeper level to boost cell production and prevent hair loss.

Hair growth serum

After you are done maximizing the stimulation on your scalp, you can add Kiierr’s Dermal Restorative Complex Cream. It is made with 100% all-natural and organic ingredients to help support a natural head of hair. A hair growth serum is typically oily and/or heavy. Kiierr’s cream is lightweight, moisturizing, and rapidly absorbent, allowing for all the ingredients to penetrate the scalp and create follicular health.

The cream will assist in the elimination of anti-hair growth issues, such as hair-follicle inflammatory and/or microbial infestation, while synergizing with the effectiveness of LLLT therapy laser caps.