Top 5 Hair Growth Options

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Hair loss is oftentimes an inevitable part of life for both men and women. The most common cause is genetics, but other reasons can lead to premature hair loss. These include (but are not limited to) medications, stress, traumatic experiences, and poor diet.

Some other factors include:

1.) Illness:

Severe infections, thyroid disease, fungus infections, flu, etc

2.) Minerals, Vitamins, Or Medications:

These include drugs that you be taking for heart problems, high blood pressure, gout, or depression. Others may consist of radiation or chemotherapy for cancer patients, uncommonly low protein or iron levels, or high vitamin A levels.

If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a solution, then you luckily have several treatment options available to choose from. 

With the help of science, technology, and biology, scientists and healthcare professionals have found treatments that have been proven to be successful. Here is our breakdown of the hair growth options for you.

Best Hair Growth Treatment Options

1.) Laser Hair Growth Treatment and Laser Caps

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These two go hand in hand with one another. Therefore, we are going to combine them for your better understanding.

Laser treatments are the most common and effective hair growth treatment of current times. You will find this option to be a significant preference because of the promising results many have already experienced. In laser treatments, experts employ low levels of laser light, and expose the hair follicles and scalp to the laser treatment therapy.

Laser hair caps are one of the easiest and most affordable treatments for hair growth. A considerable number of clinical trials and research give testimony to the fact that laser caps are an effective treatment for hair loss. You cannot deny the safety, efficiency, and painlessness of using them.

Laser hair growth treatments in a doctor’s office are undeniably expensive, so laser caps serve as the best alternative. Besides, this option is not only super convenient but also non-invasive with no recovery time needed after use. These FDA-cleared medical devices can be referred to as laser caps, laser helmets, hair growth hats, etc.

Laser caps employ the energy from concentrated red lights to stimulate the blood flow in your scalp. The red light energy comes from quite specific wavelengths, adjusted to the perfect depth for penetration through the layers of your scalp’s skin. Kiierr’s laser caps use low level light therapy treatment at a laser wavelength of 650 nm.

The LLLT (low level light therapy) treatment then revives your scalp cells, promotes the wellbeing of your hair follicles, and regulates normal functioning, productivity, and new growth. Laser caps use LLLT to promote hair re-growth at the cellular level.

2.) Hair Transplant 

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Hair transplants are a surgical hair growth procedure for outpatients. This treatment takes place in the office of a hair restoration surgeon. During this procedure, you will receive local anesthesia in your scalp and can opt for sedation. 

A hair transplant and/or grafting means that there will be hair taken off your scalp in one area, and transplanted to an area where you are experiencing thinning/balding. There are several procedures to choose from depending on your thinning and hair currently growing on your scalp. The most common are FUE and FUSS.

Oftentimes after a hair transplant, the surgeon will suggest using a laser cap or doing laser therapy treatment to help strengthen the new hair and keep the follicles healthy.

3.) Scalp Reduction

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Scalp reduction is a process wherein a dermatological surgeon removes the part of your skin that no longer produces hair. Then the surgeon works to expand that part of your skin on the scalp that is active and produces hair.

This procedure aims to stretch the hair-bearing skin to cover the bald area of your scalp. This procedure reduces the bald area by half. Although this treatment is effective for the bald areas at the back and top of the head, it is not workable for the frontal hairline.

4.) High-tech Hair Growth Treatment

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A specific option of high-tech hair growth treatments is platelet replacement therapy and micro-needling. You will generally receive these treatments in conjunction. 

When you opt for micro-needling, your scalp will first undergo numbing so that the pinpricks do not hurt you. This process promotes the regeneration of hair by stimulating wound healing. Platelet therapy, on the other hand, focuses on injecting these wounds with growth factors. 

Experts believe that combination therapy is more effective than mono-therapy, and generally, after three months, one can expect to see results. Some of these treatments may also include the accompaniment of minoxidil.

5.) Minoxidil or Finasteride

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Minoxidil and Finasteride are perhaps the only FDA-approved nonprescription medications for hair growth. The FDA regulates these as a potential treatment for pattern baldness. As per the medical claims supporting them, Minoxidil and Rogaine can effectively help in the re-growth of hair and must be a part of any hair growth plan.

You can access several pieces of research that give evidence of the efficacy of minoxidil, but you must be committed to its use. If you fall back on your commitment and quit using it, you can revert back to your original  state of baldness.

Experts recommend a dosage strength of 5 percent daily to experience the results in four months or so.

Rogaine, on the other hand, is a topical solution. You must apply this solution by massaging it directly onto that portion of your scalp that is bald and where you desire hair growth. This solution does not show promising results quickly, and you may have to use it for a long time before expecting positive changes.

Conclusion: Most Successful Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair loss is a common occurrence in both men and women. While genetics are mainly responsible for bringing about this condition, other factors may cause the onset of premature balding. With this being said, it is important to find the most successful hair loss treatment to combat your hair thinning.

There are several cosmetic procedures for hair growth. Many hair regrowth options have research and medical claims as evidence of their efficacy. The most convenient, affordable, and effective treatment option is a laser cap. These devices are clinically proven and FDA-cleared to provide safe and effective results to those men and women who use this hair growth treatment.

To learn more about your specific hair loss, read this article explaining the similarities and differences in hair loss in men vs women.


Top 5 Hair Growth Options FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What products help hair grow?” answer-0=”There are several products that can help with hair growth. Laser caps are the most convenient and effective option available on the market. There are also other options such as Rogaine, Minixidil, and microneedling.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Can a bald man grow hair back?” answer-1=”It can be possible. However, most hair growth products are the most successful if the individual has atleast some peach fuzz visible on the scalp.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Is there any proven hair growth?” answer-2=”Yes. Laser caps are an FDA-cleared and clinically proven hair growth device on the market today.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”What can stimulate hair growth?” answer-3=”Hair growth can be stimulated by low level light therapy (LLLT) to produce thicker and healthier hair follicles on the scalps of men and women.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]