If you regularly deal with scalp and hair issues, you might have heard the word “trichologist.” That said, you are not alone if you do not know who a trichologist is or what they do. Keep reading to learn everything you should know about this specialist and how to incorporate Kiierr laser therapy in your hair treatment plan.

Trichologist Definition: Who is a Trichologist?

trichologist definition

Trichologists are specialists and experts in the science of the function, structure, and diseases of the scalp and the human hair.

Some of the common reasons why individuals visit a trichologist are:

  • Scalp problems like inflammatory conditions, dandruff, or excessive production of oil

  • Loss of hair

  • Problems related to hair texture (such issues can arise due to excessive exposure to strong chemicals or heat or various other strains and stresses to which your hair is subjected). 

What does a Trichologist do?

trichologist hair

 A trichologist is professionally trained in the treatment and diagnosis of scalp and hair problems like loss of hair, oily scalp, breakage of hair, etc. Some trichologists offer support and advice to individuals with hair-related issues, such as trichotillomania and alopecia. Since they are qualified experts in scalp and hair health, you can also consult a trichologist on keeping these parts of your body in fine and healthy condition.

To make a precise diagnosis of your particular condition, the trichologist will perform an extensive examination of your scalp and/or hair. In addition to carrying out your scalp and/or hair’s physical examination, the specialist will ask you relevant and important information like your diet, complete medical history, hair care routine, and lifestyle.

In a few scenarios, they may analyze your hair to gauge the hair bulbs’ health or to check for fungal or lice infection or structural damage. Furthermore, it is also not uncommon for trichologists to ask for blood tests from your General Practitioner.

After carrying out a diagnosis, the next thing the trichologist will do is make a recommendation for the ideal treatment for your particular hair condition. Your tailored treatment plan might entail using lotions or topical creams and personalized recommendations regarding your lifestyle or diet. The trichologist can also give you professional advice on coping with your specific condition better and more efficiently.

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Trichologist for Hair Loss

trichologist for hair loss

Some of the trichologists supply their patients with scalp and hair care products, like medicated conditioners and shampoos, as part of their whole tailored treatment process.

In the meantime, if the trichologist recognizes that your particular hair or scalp problem is owing to a certain medical condition, he/she will probably refer you to a General Practitioner.

It is vital to keep in mind that since a trichologist is not a licensed medical doctor, they cannot perform surgical or medical procedures or prescribe prescription drugs/medications. 

Your specific scalp or hair problem may be the cause of a medical condition (underlying). The correct course of action is for the trichologist to refer you to a doctor or dermatologist.

What to Consider When You Select a Trichologist?

selcting a trichologist

To make sure you receive the correct diagnosis and the best treatment for your scalp and/or hair issues, you must consult a qualified and experienced trichologist – someone who is a registered or certified member of a highly regarded association or institution.

It is also wise if you choose a specialist who has ample experience treating and handling scalp and hair problems. Since they have dealt with several varied cases already, you can trust an experienced trichologist to make precise diagnoses and recommendations for effective treatments.

Trichologist vs Dermatologist

trichologist vs dermatologist

The main difference between a trichologist vs dermatologist is that a dermatologist is a medical doctor. With that being said, a dermatologist can prescribe medications and treatment options based on your initial hair/scalp evaluation.

On the contrary, a trichologist is not a medical doctor, but an “expert” in the hair and scalp region of the human body. Both a trichologist and dermatologist are trained to understand issues in the hair and scalp, but a dermatologist is the medical professional who can prescribe medication, perform surgeries, take blood, and perform biopsies. 

Kiierr Laser Cap- The Most Convenient Solution

kiierr laser cap for hair loss

Most of the time, the patient requires several visits to see their trichologist. That can be very bothersome and inconvenient at times, especially when you already have quite a hectic schedule.

That is where the FDA-cleared Kiierr laser cap comes in handy. This is a portable and easy to use medical device that you can use at your own convenience, in a location of your choice.

Kiierr provides high-tech laser therapy, also known as low level light therapy, via laser caps for reducing hair loss in both women and men. Such therapy can be very effective in stopping the thinning of hair in the early stages. It can also help you grow your hair back thicker and fuller than ever before if you are experiencing hair loss in problematic areas on the scalp.

Kiierr uses laser caps that utilize low level light therapy technology (clinical-strength) to treat hair loss in both women and men. The laser caps have either 272 laser diodes or 148 laser diodes. This depends on the exact model that you buy.

Laser therapy projects laser lights through medical grade laser diodes to your scalp tissue to activate and energize hair follicles. It enables you to stimulate the growth of hair naturally and painlessly from the comfort of your own home. (There is no need for you to frequently visit a trichologist’s office for frequent and lengthy sessions). 

The Kiierr laser cap is worn every other day for 30-minutes and customers typically report results after 5-7 months of religiously using the cap.

One option that you could consider is using the Kiierr laser cap while also frequently visiting your trichologist. This would allow the trichologist to examine your progress and evaluate your hair loss situation while using low level light therapy treatment with your laser cap.


woman suffering from hair loss

If you are dealing with an underlying hair loss condition, it is important that you take the necessary steps to get the proper treatment. As mentioned, a laser cap for hair loss can be one of the best ways to treat your hair loss and regrow your hair thicker and fuller. These FDA-cleared devices are clinically proven to be a safe and effective hair growth treatment, and you can use this in conjunction with your appointments with your trichologist of choice. Get ahead of your hair loss today and begin your hair growth journey with Kiierr!


Trichologist FAQs

What does a trichologist do?

A trichologist is professionally trained in the treatment and diagnosis of scalp and hair problems. They can offer support and advice to help improve your hair loss condition.

Is a trichologist a doctor?

No. A trichologist is not a medical doctor.

When should I see a trichologist?

You can opt to see a trichologist if you are suffering from hair loss and looking for advice on a treatment option.

Do dermatologists treat hair loss?

Yes. Many dermatologists treat hair loss in men and women.