The search for effective hair regrowth solutions is a journey many people take, seeking to regain not just their lost hair but also their confidence. In this blog, we unveil the incredible transformation of Penny Summers, a 69-year-old customer, who faced the unexpected challenge of hair loss and found a solution with Kiierr’s MD Elite Laser Cap.

Customer’s Story:


Penny’s hair loss began in November 2022, something that she was never expecting since she had always had a thick, full head of hair. The revelation that severe inflammation was the cause added to the shock. Collaborating with a dermatologist, Penny received treatment, but she was told she likely would never regrow the hair that she had already lost.

Experiencing significant hair loss around her hairline and part, Penny became determined to explore natural alternatives. She began doing research and discovered the promise of low-light laser therapy for scalp inflammation. A trusted source, her hairdresser, shared success stories with Kiierr’s laser caps, influencing Penny’s decision to give it a try.

Opting for the MD Elite, tailored for her large head, Penny embarked on a faithful year-long journey with the Kiierr Laser Cap. Following the instructions diligently, she used the cap every other day, embracing a non-invasive and drug-free approach to hair regrowth.

The Turning Point:


Fast forward to a year later, and Penny’s story takes a turn for the remarkable. Her dedication and consistency with the Kiierr Laser Cap brought significant changes. Her hairline started to fill in, and the once sparse part regained density.

Penny’s Endorsement:

In her own words, Penny shares her endorsement of the Kiierr MD Elite Laser Cap. Expressing her satisfaction, she highlights the natural and non-expensive nature of the treatment. Her journey, marked by faithfulness to the cap’s usage, stands as a testament to its effectiveness.

“I’m Penny Summers, i’m 69 years old. I started having difficulty with my hair in November of 2022. I had always had a very very thick head of hair, so it was quite a surprise. I discovered that my hair was falling out because I had severe inflammation of my scalp. I worked with a dermatologist who said to me “let’s try to get the inflammation under control, I don’t think that your hair that has fallen out will ever come back in”. So at that point I was losing hair pretty significantly aro9und my hairline and also along my part. My hair was limp, it just looked pretty terrible and it seemed to me that it was changing week by week and getting worse. I was treated by the dermatologist for a couple of months with some medication and then I was sort of on my own to see how this would progress. I did a whole lot of research and one of the things I discovered was that low light laser therapy was a promising therapy for scalp inflammation. I also had my hair dresser, whom I trust a great deal, tell me that she had had great success with a Kiierr laser cap. In fact, her entire family had purchased caps because of her experience. I decided that I wanted to try the cap because it was not that expensive. It was not drugs. I wanted to try something that was as natural as possible. I bought the MD Elite, the largest cap, because I have a really large head, and have been using it faithfully ever since, so I have been using it for about a year. I am happy to say that my hair has come back in fairly significantly particularly along my hairline, my part has begun to fill back in, and I feel incredibly encouraged and grateful to Kiierr. I use my cap faithfully every other day, just as the instructions suggest and I will continue to use it. I would recommend this product highly.”


Penny Summers’ transformative experience with the Kiierr MD Elite Laser Cap speaks volumes about the product’s efficacy.

In Penny’s words, “I would recommend this product highly.” Discover the power of natural hair restoration with Kiierr’s laser caps and join the ranks of satisfied customers who have witnessed the magic of regrowth.

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