A receding hairline does not mean that you are the only man on earth suffering from hair loss. It is a common and mostly inevitable occurrence for all males as you begin to age. 

It may feel convenient to blame hair loss on your family tree, but in truth, several reasons can contribute to your hair loss.

Many refer to hair loss as alopecia. Hair loss can be a permanent or temporary condition. The most common causes of hair loss include the aging process, hormonal changes, heredity, or medical conditions.

On average, human beings tend to shed anywhere between fifty to a hundred hairs each day. We usually do not notice this because new hair is simultaneously growing despite the shedding process. However, hair loss occurs when new hair does not take the place of the ones that have fallen out.

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men


1.) Medical Issues

medical complications can lead to hair loss

Several medical conditions can often be responsible for causing hair loss. These conditions include thyroid problems, anemia, arthritis, cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, gout, depression, and more.

In medical terms, some may even refer to it as androgenetic alopecia, and such hair loss can be either permanent or temporary. Other medical conditions, such as alopecia areata (related to your immune system), cause a patchy sort of hair loss, ringworms, and other scalp infections and trichotillomania. 


2.) Heredity or Genetics

This includes androgenetic alopecia, also known as male-pattern baldness. The genes you inherit from your parents tend to trigger this kind of hair loss. There is no specific explanation as to how you inherit it, but it can run in the family.

Therefore, if you have a family history of bald men, then there are high chances that you will suffer from hair loss. Such patterns of male baldness generally occur in regular and predictable patterns. For men, it starts with a receding hairline while gradually spreading out into bald patches.


3.) Your Immunity

alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is the hair loss condition wherein your immune system turns the enemy against your hair follicles. The immune system tends to attack the hair follicles in this condition and cause your hair to fall out in small patches.

There is no sickness or pain during the event, and it is also not a contagious condition. This situation depends on your immune system and its activities. You may also experience your hair growing back in this phase if you’re lucky. However, the chances are that it will soon fall out again.

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4.) Trauma

Suffering a traumatic shock may also trigger the general thinning of your hair. You may notice your hair falling out viciously several months post the emotional or physical shock. In most cases, this kind of hair loss is merely temporary, so your hair will most likely grow back.


5.) Radiation Therapy

radiation therapy

Chemotherapies and radiation treatments trigger widespread hair loss as well. This tends to be due to the medications you receive during this therapy treatment and how your body responds. However, the good news is that in this hair loss, you can expect a full re-growth once your treatment ends successfully. 


6.) Treatments and Hairstyles

Men may like to be just as fashionable as women are, but sometimes, their hair does not rise to the challenge. Excessive use of chemical products for hairstyling or treatments for male hairstyling can cause permanent damage to your hair. Hot oil treatments mainly can be quite damaging, especially if you get them frequently.


Factors Increasing Hair Loss Possibility

causes of hair loss in men

Apart from the common reasons above, several other factors can exponentially increase your chances of hair loss. These include:

  • Poor nutrition

  • Chronic medical conditions, others including lupus and diabetes

  • Significant weight loss

  • Neglecting your hair care regime

Preventive Measures

Male pattern baldness is mostly hereditary and something beyond your ability to control. 

However, for any hair loss, there are specific preventive measures you can take to help combat and reverse your hair loss. Here are some useful tips:

1.) Laser Caps

kiierr272premier cap

Use a laser cap to regrow your hair thicker and fuller. Many studies prove that laser caps help revitalize your frail and damaged hair on the scalp. Many people also claim that laser caps revive their hair follicles and boost re-growth. It is a discreet and effective form of hair treatment that uses LLLT technology to stimulate blood flow and encourage new follicle growth. Kiierr’s laser caps employ only premium laser diodes and can expertly treat your balding and thinning hair.

2.) Minimize Sun Exposure

Keep your hair under protection when out in the sun or facing exposure to ultraviolet light.

3.) Medication Side Effects

medications and hair loss

If your doctor prescribes any supplements or medications, ask if they would cause hair loss and what you can do to prevent it.

4.) Be Gentle with your Hair

Refrain from being rigorous with your hair. Be gentle when brushing your hair and, if possible, use a detangler. It is also never wise to brush your hair when it is wet and more prone to breakage. Also, refrain from using excessive amounts of styling products too frequently. These tend to weaken the texture of your hair.

5.) Avoid Smoking

smoking and hair loss

Stay away from smoking. Certain studies suggest that smoking can also be a cause of baldness in men.

6.) Cooling Caps

If you are undergoing therapy sessions, ask your healthcare provider for a cooling cap. These caps help reduce the risk of hair loss during chemo sessions.


laser caps for hair regrowth

Several causes are responsible for causing hair loss in men as you begin to age. While heredity and male pattern baldness is inevitable and uncontrollable, you can take specific preventive measures to safeguard your hair health. 

Although there are many treatments now available for hair loss problems, the most effective of all is the laser cap. Employing the best of LLLT technology, these caps are extremely convenient and comfortable to use and prove to provide satisfactory results.


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Causes of Hair Loss in Men FAQs

What is the cause of hair loss in male?

There can be several contributing factors to hair loss in males. Some of the most common are genetics, medical complications, alopecia, and age.

Can hair loss be a sign of something serious?

Possibly. Always consult with your doctor if you have questions. It may be something that you can take control of right away.

How can I stop my hair loss?

There are several ways to stop hair loss. Laser caps are extremely effective when looking to combat hair loss. Other options are maintaining stress and a healthy diet.

Why is my hair suddenly falling out?

There are many reasons you hair can start falling out. Always consult with a doctor if you have questions about your hair loss and treatment options available.