What is Chlorella, and how does it work for hair loss?

When you hear the word chlorella, what comes to mind? A thousand and one ideas, right? In the real sense, chlorella is an aquatic plant that grows in freshwater and is particularly relevant to hair loss prevention.

More often than not, people lose so much hair because their vitamin B-12 levels are deficient (1). Since chlorella is rich in vitamin B-12, it’s the perfect solution to a stubborn hair loss issue.

Chlorella gives the hair follicles strength to help make your strands stronger, and decreasing the chances of hair breakage. (2)

Chlorella for hair growth

  • Chlorella has a lot of vitamins and minerals that improve hair health. While some prevent hair loss, the others boost hair growth and help the hair come out shiny and thick.
  • Chlorella also helps the hair to grow evenly around the scalp. This is particularly beneficial to baldies or people who are well on their way to becoming bald.
  • If you want your hair to retain a young black youthful look, then chlorella is the man for the job. Its nutrients help in keeping the hair black while holding grey hairs back.

Does Chlorella promote hair growth?

Of course! Apart from the benefits of Vitamin B-12 for hair loss, Chlorella also contains selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral that works with enzymes and organs in the body. Selenium is popular for cleaning out free radicals and producing anti-oxidants in the body. All of these functions ensure that you have a healthy hair growth cycle. Chlorella also boosts keratin production in your body. (2)

Keratin is a major hair protein that boosts the thickness and overall strength of hair follicles. It also restores a healthy “shine” for dry hair, and evens out those hairs that tend to go frizzy. (3)

Benefits of chlorella for hair growth

  • Chlorella is particularly rich in sulfur. This is an element that optimizes the quality of the hair while it’s in the growth stage. This is why the hair comes out shiny, long, and strong.
  • Chlorella is also rich in biotin. Biotin helps hair to keep its current color, so it doesn’t discolor or turn grey. (4)

How to use chlorella for hair growth

Chlorella is an alga that is mostly found in freshwater. Scooping it right out of the water into your soup doesn’t sound so yummy, right? Chlorella is mostly made into powders for consumption. At this point, it is still rare to find chlorella for consumption. However, chlorella circulates the market in different forms.

  • Superfood powdered drinks: In this form, Chlorella is mixed along with several nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and supplements then made into powder. To consume, you mix the powder with water and drink up. It is however advisable to check the instructions on each superfood product before you consume it. (4)


  • Creams and cosmetics: Chlorella may also come in many hair treatment oils and creams. If you’re using chlorella strictly for hair growth, then you might as well go for these products. However, be sure that you opt-for products that don’t contain chemicals known to have side effects for hair loss.

Chlorella Hair Treatment Oils And Creams

  • DIY Chlorella hair masks: if you’re a little skeptical about buying chlorella hair growth cosmetics, you can purchase some chlorella powder and add it with other natural ingredients to make your own hair mask. (5)

Chlorella Hair Mask

  • Tablets or pills: If you’re better at taking pills then try some chlorella capsules. Chlorella also comes in pure chlorella powders and extracts. Check online or hair growth stores for chlorella tablets. It’s preferable if the chlorella tablets are particularly made for hair growth.

Chlorella tablets for hair growth_

Chlorella for hair growth results

As effective as chlorella can be for hair growth, it can take a while before you see results. Chlorella does most of its work during the growth phase of the hair, which usually takes up to six months. Just make sure to use chlorella consistently for up to 6 months, and you should be seeing results eventually. If after six months, you don’t notice any changes in your hair, then you should see a doctor. (6)

Chlorella for hair growth reviews

There are several Chlorella products, especially for hair growth. If you’re just finding out about chlorella, consider asking your friends about chlorella products they may use. You can also check for product reviews online for guidance on the best products to use.

Spirulina and Chlorella for hair growth

  • Spirulina is another healthy supplement for hair growth. It is quite rich in amino acids and iron, which prevent hair shedding or breakage. (7)
  • Spirulina is also rich in Beta carotene. Beta carotene helps the hair to naturally create sebum, which promotes moisturize and shine. (7)

In conclusion

Chlorella is an awesome water plant that treats your hair on so many levels. It prevents hair loss by strengthening your hair follicles and hair strands. It also keeps your hair moisturized and shiny. You can get Chlorella in the form of powder, tablets, capsules, superfood powdered drinks, extracts, gummies, and more. Make your way towards a more healthy hair growth option using Chlorella!


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