Hair loss is difficult no matter who you are, but research shows that it is especially hard for women. Hair provides a way to express your personality, define your look and give you confidence. When women go through hair loss, the psychological effects can include: anxiety, depression, social stress, powerlessness, embarrassment, shame, sense of inadequacy and many more (1). Hair is important. It is connected to a woman’s identity throughout her whole life. Let’s talk about the causes and effective treatments women can find if they are experiencing hair loss.

Types of Hair Loss in Women

There are different types of hair loss in women, including:

Androgenetic Alopecia – Genetically passed down and otherwise known as Female Pattern Baldness 

Telogen Effluvium – Hair loss due to a stressful event or experience

Anagen Effluvium – An abnormal loss of hair in a short period of time that can be caused by medications or exposure to chemicals.  

Alopecia Areata – Sudden hair loss that begins in circular bald patches and may be a sign of an underlying condition. 

Traction Alopecia – Hair loss caused by repeated pulling or excessive and harsh styling

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What causes hair loss in women?

According to Mayo Clinic (2), women can experience hair loss for a number of reasons. 


Hormonal changes occur throughout a woman’s life. A common cause of imbalance in women is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). 


Many new moms find it common in the months following childbirth to have excessive shedding due to falling estrogen levels. 


Hair loss can be passed down through families in androgen hormones.   


Some medications have been found to affect hair loss by interfering with the normal cycle of scalp hair growth. 

Cancer Treatments

Radiation affects healthy cells, including hair cells. 


Nearly everyone will experience some type of hair loss with aging. With age comes hormone level changes and hair follicle changes. 

Traumatic Event

Stressful experiences can lead to hair loss due to hair follicles going into a resting phase. 


When your body doesn’t get enough protein it begins to prioritize protein-dependent functions in the body, leaving hair growth at a stand still. 

Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune disease is where a person’s immune system attacks the body in different ways. With hair loss, it is attacking healthy hair follicles.  


Hairstyles used regularly that are tight and tend to pull the hair can cause damage to hair follicles and lead to hair thinning or even hair loss.

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What can you do about it? 

There are a few things that you can do for your hair loss. The most common treatments are medications, hair transplant surgery and laser therapy. Medications and supplements are used as oral supplements or topical solutions. Hair transplant surgeries are performed by transferring individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp to where the frontal, thinned out area of the hair is located. These transplantations do use anesthetics and can result in pain. Laser therapies can be done in clinics or at home with new laser cap and comb technologies. They are noninvasive, safe, painless, FDA approved and can be done from anywhere. They only require 30 minutes every other day and have been shown to provide beautiful results. 

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Kiierr Laser Cap for Hair Loss

When you are in the midst of hair loss and you want a solution that will be easy, painless and inconspicuous, a laser cap is the way to go. Kiierr provides top quality light level laser therapy (LLLT) in their 148 and 272 Laser Cap options. On top of having laser caps, Kiierr also provides hair loss supplements and shampoo and conditioners that are specifically formulated to help regrow hair. 

Hair loss doesn’t have to define you. You can take control of your hair and what it means to you by seeking out the laser therapies and supplements that were made specifically for people just like you. They promote the growth of healthy, hydrated and strong hair so you can have the luscious hair of your dreams. 

Why Kiierr Laser Cap?

What women are saying about Kiierr Laser Cap:

We know you’ve done your research on what you can do for your hair loss. Let us show you what our customers have to say about our products and why they chose them. 

Anita S.

I love my laser cap!

I got this cap from a friend who had done lots of research and thought it could benefit me. I was very skeptical at first… but am soooo happy I decided to use it. my hair had started to thin and I noticed that my part was showing much more scalp than before. not sure if others noticed, but I definitely did. still not sure what caused my hair thinning but I started using the laser cap about a year ago… after about 6 or 8 months I really noticed a difference. less of my scalp was showing and my hair felt so much thicker and healthier. I also dye my hair (gettin older and don’t like the grey) and it seems like the color lasts much longer since I started using the cap. I suspect it’s because my hair is healthier?? not sure but I love love love my laser cap and recommend it to everyone around me!!!

Anna D.

Amazing results!

I have been using the cap for about 15 months along with the shampoo and DHT blocking supplement and the results have been amazing! I saw amazing hair growth in the hair framing my face along my forehead which was unexpected. My hair is thicker and healthier as well. Also, I recommend it to anyone who comments on my hair and my neighbor purchased it a few months ago! Thank you again. the Kiierr laser cap has been life changing for me!

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