Has your hair started thinning at an abnormal rate? Has your part started widening, showcasing your scalp more than normal? If your answer is yes, than female pattern baldness might be the cause. Androgenic alopecia is a life altering condition that can leave those suffering with no hope their hair will return. Formerly thought to only affect men, for the last few decades scientists have come to understand its affect on women and the role it plays in their life. Keep reading to learn more about alopecia in women.

Men and women differ when it comes to pattern baldness, and is not as widespread in women as it is in men. It can also start as young as the age of 20 in men, whereas most women who suffer from androgenic alopecia begin to notice it later on in their life.

Losing one’s hair isn’t only life altering in the way of hair thinning rapidly, but can affect a person’s happiness and self worth, so it is important to understand the underlying cause and what you can do to try and stop it.

Why Does it Happen?

Alopecia can happen due to many reasons, but the biggest amongst women is genetics and hormones. Genetics play a huge role, and can be passed down from either the mother or father’s side. Because it happens later in life for many women, menopause is also thought to be a huge culprit, due to hormone changes within the body.

It is thought that when the production of the hormone androgen is affected, this can aide in the development of female pattern baldness. This is because the hormone androgen plays a heavy role. It is also thought that tumors of the pituitary gland or ovary may lead to hair loss as they also secrete androgen.

Scientists have come a long way in the development of androgenic alopecia and its causes, but much is still to be discovered. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to slow down, reverse, or stop female pattern baldness.


vitamins for alopecia

Vitamins are a great source to help the promotion of hair growth, but make sure to get the right kind. Vitamins that block DHT are best to get, as DHT is a huge culprit of male/female pattern baldness.

Kiierr’s vitamins for alopecia not only block DHT, but improve scalp circulation and health, encourage new growth by helping remove barriers to blood flow, and can strengthen your bones as well as your nails. They contain all natural ingredients including Zinc, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Horsetail, and more.

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Low Level Light Therapy

kiierr laser cap for alopecia in womenLow level light therapy can be used in the treatment of many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. But where this kind of therapy stands out amongst the rest, is in it’s ability to help in the production of hair.

It isn’t a cure for male/female pattern baldness, but it can help you in your fight against hair loss, preventing the destruction of hair follicles.

In recent research, it was found that low level light therapy absorbs into the cells, triggering enhanced cellular activity. It energizes aging cells and stimulates the production of hair. This allows you the ease of knowing you don’t have to go through expensive surgeries, or resort to complete baldness or wigs.

Low level light therapy was previously only available in clinics, but now you can do it in the comfort of your own home, doing virtually anything you want while wearing them. Caps like Kiierr’s At-Home Hair Growth caps are easy to use. Not to mention, these alopecia caps are extremely affordable, allowing you to get your hair back without hurting the inside of your wallet.

Before going right to treatments for thinning hair, make sure to consult with your dermatologist first to make sure there is no underlying condition aside from female pattern baldness. But if your hair is thinning due to androgenetic alopecia, do not fret, there are solutions that can help you get your hair back, as well as your happiness



Alopecia in women is devastating. Thankfully there are supplements and devices available to help stop or slow down the hair thinning process. To learn more about how to combat hair loss, read our next article. Up next: The essentials for healthy hair.

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