How Elon Musk Restored His Hair

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How Elon Musk Restored His Hair  

Elon Musk is one of the best business leaders that the world has ever known. He is also extraordinarily famous and is currently the wealthiest person on earth with a net worth of roughly $234 billion. He built his wealth by founding and leading major companies such as PayPal, SpaceX, SolarCity, and Tesla.

However, despite the fact that Elon Musk is such an incredible businessman and genius, he still had to deal with the unfortunate condition of hair loss, like many people around the world.

 You can see Elon Musk’s hair loss from this picture that was taken of him in the mid-1990s, when he was in his late twenties.



 How Severe Was Elon Musk’s Hair Loss?

Elon Musk’s hair loss was about a 4 or a 5 on the Norwood Scale for measuring hair loss. It appeared that he had a fairly standard case of male-pattern baldness, which is usually genetic. People who have male-pattern baldness typically start losing their hair in their early twenties and it gets progressively worse over time to varying degrees. You can see a diagram of the Norwood Scale below.

nowrood male pattern baldness scale

So, Elon Musk’s hair loss was fairly severe. It wasn’t all the way to a 6 or a 7 on the Norwood Scale, but if he didn’t take steps to intervene, then it might have progressed to that level.


 What Does Elon Musk’s Hair Look Like After He Restored It?

elon musk with grimes            


This is a picture of Elon Musk with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Grimes from 2018. As you can see, he has much more hair in this picture. In fact, he looks like one on the Norwood Scale in this picture. Considering the fact that hair loss as severe as he had in his 20s almost never turns around in this fashion, it is essentially a certainty that Elon Musk took steps to reverse his hair loss. If it hadn’t intervened, then in the very best case scenario, it would have simply stayed roughly the same and not gotten worse.

In this picture with Grimes, his hair is much fuller, and in fact, it looks as if he doesn’t have any hair loss at all. This is an indication that the hair restoration methods that Elon Musk used were highly effective.


So… How Did Elon Musk Get His Hair Back?

Elon Musk does not usually discuss his hair or his hair restoration strategies in public. In fact, it is very difficult to find any articles or videos of Elon Musk discussing his hair care regimen. Usually, when Elon Musk speaks in public it is about one of his many companies or occasionally about his personal life or family.

However, just because Elon Musk doesn’t speak about his hair restoration efforts doesn’t mean that he didn’t make extensive efforts to restore his hair to its former glory.

One thing is certain about Elon Musk when it comes to his hair restoration – cost was definitely not an issue. As the world’s richest man, he could definitely afford the most advanced hair restoration treatments available on the market.

Here is what he most likely did.


1. Hair Loss Medication

There are many different medications that are commonly prescribed to treat hair loss. However, two of the most common are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Both of these medications are commonly prescribed by hair loss medical professionals and they both can be effective to a certain degree. However, primarily, these two medications stop hair loss from getting worse. In some people, they can help hair to grow back, but it is extremely unlikely that just using either one of these medications alone would be able to bring Elon Musk from a four or a five on the Norwood Scale to a one or even a two.

So, it is definitely possible that Elon Musk used these medications at some point, but it is unlikely that it is the only thing that he did. Perhaps he started out with these medications and was encouraged by the results to try other treatments. Or, perhaps he was frustrated that they couldn’t fully restore his hair and decided to take more extreme measures as a result.


2. Hair Transplant

It is almost certain that Elon Musk did at least one hair transplant. Most likely, he did more than one. However, given how dramatically his hair changed over the years, it is extremely likely that a hair transplant was a part of his hair restoration strategy. This is because hair transplants tend to have the most extreme results of nearly any hair loss treatment.

A hair transplant is a procedure in which hair follicles are surgically extracted from one part of the head and transplanted into another hair of the head. Typically, the hair follicles are extracted from the middle of the back of the head where hair tends to be the thickest for many men. However, sometimes, they are extracted from the side of the head.

When hair transplants go well, they can be extremely effective. Such is most likely the case with Elon Musk. One hair transplant specialist, Dr. Epstein who practices in New York and Miami said that is “highly, highly likely” that Elon Musk had multiple hair transplants. Epstein estimates that Musk spent at least $20,000 – $40,000 to achieve the results that he has achieved.


Why Musk Most Likely Went with Hair Transplants

There are a number of reasons why it is likely that Elon Musk went with hair transplants. The first is that the costs were not an obstacle. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on hair transplants for Elon Musk would be the equivalent of an average person spending a few pennies or even less. The second is that hair transplants really do work when they are done correctly. Finally, the third is that he was a decent candidate for a hair transplant.

In order to be a good candidate for a hair transplant, a person must have a good supply of donor hair either on the back or sides of the head. It is estimated that Elon Musk got his first hair transplant in the early 2000s. He would have been in his early thirties around this time. During this time, his hair loss had probably not stabilized completely. However, he still had enough hair on the back and sides of his head to make him a decent candidate.


What Are the Options for Hair Transplants?

fut vs fue

There are two primary options for hair transplant surgery, FUT and FUE. FUT stands for follicular unit transportation. With this method, the surgeon will extract hair follicles from the back or side of the head in a strip. Then he or she will transplant them in the desired areas, typically on the front of the head. This method can leave a scar.

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. With FUE, individual hair follicles are carefully extracted one at a time. After they are extracted, they are implanted into a different area of the scalp. FUE does not leave any noticeable scars. Because FUE does not leave scars, many people consider it to be the better method for hair transplant surgery.


Which Method Did Elon Musk Use, FUT or FUE?

FUE hair transplants did not become available until around 2003 and didn’t become mainstream for a year or two after that. FUT had been available years before that, however. Because it is estimated that Elon received his first hair transplant in 2002 or 2003, it is almost certain that he had an FUT procedure. This is because FUE was not available.

There are also some pictures and videos that appear to show FUT scars on the side and back of Elon Musk’s head.


Because of these scars, it is almost a certainty that Elon Musk had at least one FUT procedure. This doesn’t mean that he didn’t also have FUE, however. In fact, due to the quality of his hair restoration, it is very likely that he had both procedures done.



Were The Hair Transplants A Good Decision for Elon Musk?

Many people would argue that the hair transplants were a great decision for Mr. Musk. This is because he was able to restore most of his hair. In fact, in some pictures, it looks like Elon was able to restore nearly all of his hair that had been lost.

Considering the fact that paying tens of thousands of dollars is not a problem for him, there was no real financial downside.

Because Elon Musk is not a model or an actor, his career really didn’t depend on having amazing hair. However, as a leader of multiple companies, he regularly makes appearances on television and in front of large crowds. So, having excellent hair could help him to feel more confident speaking in front of these crowds and cameras.

Elon Musk also has a very active social life and regularly dates celebrities including Grimes, Talulah Riley, Amber Heard, and Natasha Bassett. So, it is possible that his hair transplants help him with his dating life as well.

elon musk with amber heard


In other words, even though it was not absolutely necessary for Elon Musk to get a hair transplant, it is likely that the transplant or transplants had a very positive impact on his life with very little downside, except, perhaps a few scars.


Will Elon Musk Lose His Hair Again?

Although Elon Musk appears to have restored his hair very well, yes, there is a good chance that his hair will slowly start to recede again. Having a hair transplant does not mean that you will have a perfect head of hair forever. The results from hair transplants can last for many years. But for a lot of people, the hair starts to thin out again, creating a need for another transplant in the future.

It is possible that Elon Musk can reduce his chances of needing another hair transplant by using finasteride or minoxidil on an ongoing basis. But, if he wants to keep his hair a Norwood 1 or 0, then he will most likely need another transplant at some point.


What Else Could Elon Musk Do to Preserve His Hair?

One of the best hair loss treatments in the world is low-level laser light therapy (LLLT). Low-level laser light therapy is a treatment in which a person wears a laser cap with medical-grade laser diodes inside. The laser diodes shine low-level laser light onto the scalp, helping to stimulate hair growth.

LLLT has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. LLLT works by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, increasing oxygenation, and shifting the hair follicles from the dormant telogen phase into the active anagen growth phase. It also helps to improve cellular respiration which is beneficial for the hair follicles.


What is the Best LLLT Laser Cap for Elon Musk to Use?

If Elon Musk wants to use LLLT to preserve his hair and perhaps even thicken it, then he should strongly consider going with a Kiierr laser cap. Kiierr is one of the top LLLT laser cap brands in the world. Many people have experienced tremendous results with Kiierr laser caps. A lot of these people leave rave reviews for Kiierr products on the Kiierr website and even provide images that show astonishing hair transformations.

Results for Kiierr products typically take around 4-7 months to start showing strongly. Kiierr is so confident that its customers will show results by 7 months that the company offers a full money-back guarantee if you do not see results within 7 months. Kiierr laser caps have also proven to have a 93% success rate in clinical trials. Further, unlike hair transplants which are incredibly expensive and invasive. Kiierr laser caps cost a fraction of what a hair transplant costs and they are non-invasive. You just have to wear the cap for 3 minutes every other day.



Elon Musk’s severe hair loss that he experienced in his late twenties shows that it doesn’t matter how rich, famous, or powerful you are, you can still lose your hair. Rather than adjust to being bald, Elon Musk decided to look for innovative and effective solutions as he has so often done during his career while trying to solve other problems.

Elon’s hair started to look significantly more thick and full as he entered his thirties and his baldness seemed to be disappearing. It is assumed that he did multiple hair transplants and possibly also took medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil. 

Currently, Elon Musk’s hair looks great and may not need to do that much maintenance or upkeep for a while. However, if he starts to lose his hair again, he might need to get another hair transplant. Alternatively, he could also try a Kiierr laser cap if he wants to go with a different, less invasive approach.

If you are suffering from hair loss, then you, too, can also try a Kiierr laser cap to use LLLT to your advantage for hair restoration. You can browse Kiierr’s FDA-cleared laser cap options here.


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