If you’re suffering from alopecia, male/female pattern baldness, or any type of hair loss, you’re not alone! Thousands of men and women struggle with hair loss every day. Luckily, there are a lot of options available on the market today to help you fight hair loss. Some of these include topical treatments, medications, supplements, hair transplants, and laser caps that use low-level laser therapy (LLLT). 

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a popular technology that’s gaining approval from several medical professionals and scientists all over the world for its success at treating hair loss. Not only is low-level laser therapy convenient and safe, but it actually works to treat hair loss for both men and women!

Low-level laser light therapy was once only accessible through clinics but can now be used with the same amazing results in the comfort of your own home. 

How Does LLLT Work to Restore and Regrow Hair? 

With LLLT, laser diodes are pointed at the scalp and turned on. The lasers that are emitted from the diodes are in a specific wavelength of red light. This frequency has a special ability to be absorbed by the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles absorb the laser light, they are stimulated to be more active and are made healthier in a number of ways. 

First, the laser light stimulates stem cells responsible for regenerating the hair follicles to spring into action. This helps any damaged or sub-optimal hair follicles to be repaired. The laser light also triggers more ATP to be produced in the hair follicle cells which helps them to be more energized so that they can work better. 

LLLT also helps to improve blood flow, which helps hair follicle cells to receive more oxygen and vital nutrients which helps them to be healthier and do their jobs better. All of this results in LLLT causing hair follicles to produce more hair, and to produce thicker, healthier hair with wider diameters. This helps to reduce baldness and provide an appearance of fuller, thicker hair. 


Which LLLT Brand to Use? 

With so many LLLT brands available for hair loss treatment, it’s important to know the details of each one, so you can choose the best one for you. We’ll compare in detail Hairmax vs. Kiierr in this article to give you better insights on each one of these brands. Knowing key brand and product information can help you when you are trying to make a purchasing decision for your laser cap later on.

Hairmax Reviews 

Hairmax Cap Reviews vs Kiierr

Hairmax offers several products to choose from when it comes to treating hair loss. Their products are FDA-cleared and designed for both men and women, specifically for use on your scalp. Some of Hairmax’s most popular products include the Hairmax laserband and the Hairmax laser cap.

Hairmax Laserband

Hairmax Cap Reviews vs Kiierr

The Hairmax laserbands come in two different options: the Laserband 41 and 82. Both of these laserbands are equipped with medical-grade laser diodes that emit low-level laser therapy onto your scalp tissue. They are designed in a comfort-flex, soft touch teeth, portable, hands-free device to part your hair during treatment.

The Laserband 41 should be worn for 3 minutes 3 days per week and the Laser band 82 should be worn for 90-seconds 3 days per week. The Laserband 82 costs $799 and the Laserband 41 costs $549. 

Both of these laserbands can be purchased with a free 1-year warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee. Extended warranties can be purchased with this product. For the Laserband 82, a 1-year extended warranty costs $59.99. A 2-year extended warranty costs $129, and a 3-year extended warranty costs $149.

For the Laserband 41, a 1-year extended warranty costs $41.99, a 2-year extended warranty costs $84.99, and a 3-year extended warranty costs $99.99. 

Hairmax Laser Cap 

Hairmax Cap Reviews vs Kiierr

When it comes to laser caps, Hairmax offers three different options that all use LLLT to treat hair loss: The Laser 272 PowerFlex Laser Cap, the PowerFlex Laser cap 202, and the Flip 80 Laser Cap. All three products come with a 1-year warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee. 

Hairmax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272

This laser cap ($1,899) contains 272 medical-grade laser diodes and provides full scalp coverage to ensure a successful hair growth treatment. It’s a portable hair growth device designed like a ball cap, allowing you to complete your hair growth treatment on the go. It offers a dual operating mode, meaning you can choose between your treatment time periods. You can wear it for either 15-minutes or 30-minutes, whichever you prefer. Treatment therapy is recommended 3 times per week.

  1. Extended warranty options: 
  • 1 year – $179 
  • 2 year – $289 
  • 3 year – $389

Hairmax PowerFlex Laser Cap 202

This laser cap ($1,699) contains 202 medical-grade laser diodes and no LEDs. You can choose between using it for 15 or 30-minute sessions, three days a week. It comes in multiple colors. It has a rechargeable battery and a water-resistant silicon liner on the inside that makes it easier to clean. This laser cap also has a treatment timer and a battery level indicator to let you know how much battery life that you have left. It also has the ultra-comfortable 

PowerFlex design. 

  1. Extended warranty options: 
  • 1 year – $129
  • 2 year – $259
  • 3 year – $309

Hairmax Flip 80 Laser Cap

The Flip 80 laser cap ($899) contains 80 medical-grade lasers incorporated into half of the laser cap, designed to provide 160 total laser scalp coverage when flipped. This laser cap best fits head sizes up to 22.5in (57.15cm) in circumference. The cap is designed to treat the front or back of your scalp or both with just a flip.

Extended warranty options: 

  • 1 year – $69.99
  • 2 year – $139
  • 3 year – $169

Kiierr Laser Caps

Hairmax Cap Reviews vs Kiierr

Kiierr laser caps use low-level laser therapy on the scalps of both men and women to effectively treat hair loss and grow your hair back healthier, thicker, and stronger than before. The Kiierr laser caps energize your aging cells by stimulating new hair growth on your scalp. Kiierr laser caps contain nothing but pure medical grade laser diodes to provide customers with the best possible hair treatment available on the market today. 

Kiierr offers three different FDA-cleared laser caps to treat your hair loss ranging in price from $645-$1,545. The Kiierr 272Premier Laser Cap, the 148Pro Laser Cap, and the most popular one 272Premier-MD Laser Hair. These laser caps vary depending on the amount of medical-grade laser diodes they contain. The more lasers a cap contains, the more effective the results will be in a shorter amount of time. Each laser cap provides full scalp coverage on your head and should be worn every other day for a timeframe of 30-minutes. This makes them super relaxing and convenient to use.

The Kiierr 272Premier-MD is a state-of-the-art, popular, premium version laser cap. Its effectiveness in hair recovery is evident by the fact that it’s used in doctors’ offices and hair clinics across the United States. All of Kiierr’s laser caps are designed to be worn discreetly under a baseball cap that comes with your purchase. You can even switch it out and wear a baseball cap of your own if you choose. They are hands-free, portable, pain-free, and chemical-free. They’re also designed to strengthen and lengthen existing hair follicles, making it one of the best hair growth treatments available.

Kiierr also offers a 7-month growth guarantee and free 2-year warranty with every laser cap purchase. The 7-month growth guarantee promises to refund your full money back if you’re not satisfied with your results after using the laser cap for 7-months.


Kiierr: Rated #1 for Hair Growth Products

Hairmax Cap Reviews vs Kiierr

Kiierr also offers additional healthy, safe, and effective hair loss products to help you achieve your hair loss goals in the fastest way possible. You can buy DHT-blocking shampoo, delicious biotin gummies, dermal restorative hair growth cream, and more. 

These affordable hair growth systems and products can help you see visual hair growth in as little as 3 months.

Comparing Hairmax Reviews vs Kiierr

Hairmax Cap Reviews vs Kiierr

While Kiierr and Hairmax do have some similarities, such as using low-level laser therapy and offering a free 2-year warranty; there are some big differences between the two companies, one of the biggest differences being price.

The most popular Hairmax laser cap is $1,899, while Kiierr’s most popular laser cap is $1,395. Both of these laser caps contain the same amount of medical- grade laser diodes (272) and effectively treat hair loss. So, Kiierr’s laser caps and Hairmax’s are extremely similar. The biggest difference is seemingly the fact that Hairmax’s are about 25% more expensive than Kiierr’s. 

 Kiierr’s laser caps are safe and effective, check out some of their customer reviews. Considering the fact that Kiierr’s top laser cap and Hairmax’s both contain the exact same amount of medical-grade laser diodes, why not save some money and purchase through Kiierr?

When purchasing Kiierr’s most popular 272Premier-MD laser cap they include a FREE hair growth bundle (shampoo, DHT blocking conditioner & vitamins), a laser cap carrying case, a 3-year extended product warranty and biotin gummies. Using all of these hair loss products together can help you to get even better results than you would buy using just the Kiierr laser cap alone. 

Hairmax Reviews vs Kiierr: Conclusion

Hairmax Cap Reviews vs Kiierr

Given our research and review above on Hairmax versus Kiierr, we recommend choosing Kiierr when it comes to purchasing an FDA-cleared laser cap for hair growth. You’re definitely getting the best bang for your buck when choosing Kiierr instead of Hairmax. Kiierr’s lightweight, hands-free, and portable laser caps are a fraction of the price compared to the Hairmax laser cap, and both contain the same amount of medical-grade laser diodes.

Kiierr is a more discreet hair loss treatment, including a ball cap to cover up your hair loss therapy, making it extremely convenient to treat your hair loss anywhere. Kiierr offers an amazing hair growth bundle and is rated number one for hair growth products. Get started on your hair growth journey today with Kiierr!


For more laser cap reviews, check out our next article discussing Kiierr vs Revian Red Hair Growth System Review.


Hairmax Reviews vs Kiierr FAQs

How long does it take for Hairmax to work?

Many of Hairmax testimonials show hair growth noticeable after 26 weeks of using their products.

Does Hairmax regrow hair?

Hairmax is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to help grow the hair on the scalps of men and women.

Do lasers really regrow hair?

Yes. Lasers can really regrow hair on the scalps of men and women. The best lasers do use for hair growth are medical grade laser diodes.

What is the best hair regrowth laser?

The best lasers to use in laser hair growth devices are medical grade laser diodes. These diodes have the ability to penetrate the skin tissue to the depth needed to stimulate new growth.

Should I choose Hairmax or Kiierr for low-level laser light therapy?

We believe that the better option is Kiierr. Both companies have the potential to significantly improve your hair growth on your scalp. However, Kiierr is about 25% less expensive. So, you can save money and get similar, if not better results by using Kiierr instead of Hairmax for hair loss.


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