Hair loss can be a difficult topic to discuss among men and women. Unfortunately, for most people, hair loss is an inevitable part of life. With this being said, you might be searching the shelves and online stores for something to help you combat this condition. This can become a difficult task considering the hundreds of products on the market today claiming to help with your hair loss condition.

To help you out, we have constructed this article discussing two companies that sell products for hair loss individuals. We will go into detail about Kiierr vs Keranique reviews and compare and contrast the two of them. Read on to learn more.

Hair Loss Background

keranique review: hair growth cycle

Before we discuss Kiierr vs Keranique reviews in detail, let’s go over some background regarding hair loss. First, you need to know that your hair goes through three different stages and is referred to as the hair growth cycle. These stages are:

1.) Anagen

– The growth stage

2.) Catagen

– The transitional stage

3.) Telogen

– The shedding stage

Your hair begins to grow in the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle, then transitions to the catagen stage before entering the telogen stage. Now that you know that the anagen is the growth stage and telogen is the shedding stage, it is safe to say that individuals whose hair spend more time in the telogen stage will be thinner. The opposite also holds true.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Review

keranique hair regrowth review

Keranique offers many different hair growth products that you can find online. Their products range in price anywhere from $19.95 to $159.95. Keranique specifically sells hair growth products in the forms of shampoo, conditioners, sprays, etc. You can expect a 120 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products or your results.

Here is a review of Keranique products they have to offer:

1.) Keranique Hair Regrowth System

This kit offers four products including Keranique shampoo, conditioner, Keranique Regrowth Treatment, and Keranique Lift and Repair Treatment Spray. This kit is supposed to rinse away buildup on the scalp and strengthen existing hair.

Cost: $85

2.) Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

This product helps revitalize hair follicles on the scalp and contains Minoxidil. It is suggested to use this product twice a day, every day for best results.

Cost: $24.95

3.) Keraviatin Hair & Scalp Health Supplement

This product is to be taken orally and consists of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help support the scalp.

Cost: $59.95

4.) Keranique Shampoo (Scalp Stimulating)

Keranique shampoo is designed for thinning hair and helps retain shine, remove build-up, and helps detangle hair.

Cost: $19.95

Keranique for Women Review

Keranique for women is made exclusively for women battling hair loss. The products are clinically proven to increase hair growth on the scalps of women by containing the only FDA-approved hair growth ingredient.

This ingredient is Minoxidil, and it works to support healthy hair growth in the Keranique products. This company also prides themselves in being the number number one selling hair growth system for women.

Comparing Kiierr vs Keranique Hair Products

kiierr vs keranique hair products

Both Kiierr and Keranique sell hair growth products to individuals suffering from hair loss. They are both happy to offer a money back guarantee on their products and pride themselves in taking care of their customers. Products from both companies are clinically proven and a non-invasive option to regrow hair on the scalp.

However, Kiierr is more of a technology-based company, offering the FDA-cleared laser cap and their number one powerhouse hair growth option. Keranique mainly sells supplements that are intended to help with scalp health and hair growth.

Another major difference between Kiierr vs Keranique hair products is that Kiierr is intended for both men and women suffering from hair loss while Keranique is made for women only.

Kiierr Laser Cap Hair Regrowth System

Kiierr Laser Cap - Guaranteed Hair Growth Improvement Within 7 Months

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The Kiierr laser cap is an FDA-cleared medical device designed for men and women suffering from hair loss. This cap is equipped with medical grade laser diodes and uses low level light therapy to stimulate blood flow in the scalp tissue. When blood flow is stimulated, the essential oxygen, nutrients, and vitamins are able to flow to the scalp and stimulate new growth in the hair follicles.

Kiierr laser caps are used every other day for 30-minutes. These devices are completely hands-free and portable so that customers can use them at their convenience.

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Kiierr Laser Hair Cap System Product Options

laser cap reviews

Kiierr offers several different products to help you successfully begin your hair growth journey. You can feel confident with your purchase, as Kiierr offers a 7-month money back guarantee along with a free 2-year warranty.

First, we will discuss the three different laser cap options that you can choose from.

1.) Kiierr 148Pro Laser Cap

The Kiierr 148Pro laser cap is equipped with 148 medical grade laser diodes to help stimulate hair growth. This is the most basic cap, and is a one size fits all.

The cost of this cap alone is $595 and in the complete system the price is $675.

2.) Kiierr 272Premier Laser Cap

The Kiierr 272Premier laser cap is equipped with 272 medical grade laser diodes to stimulate hair growth. All other features are identical to the 148Pro laser cap.

The cost of this cap alone is $845 and in the complete system the price is $925.

3.) Kiierr 272Premier-MD Laser Cap

The Kiierr 272Premier-MD laser cap is equipped with 272 medical grade laser diodes to stimulate hair growth. The difference between this cap and the other two that Kiierr offers are as follows:

  • Larger in size for more scalp coverage
  • Upgraded battery
  • Used in doctors’ offices
  • Programmed sensor technology

The cost of this cap alone is $1,295 and in the complete system the price is $1,395.

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Conclusion: Kiierr vs Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment 

kiierr vs keranique product review

You should now know the main similarities and differences between Kiierr vs Keranique products. With all of the information collected, we recommend Kiierr as the best hair growth option. Kiierr is an all natural way to help combat your hair loss and regrow your strands thicker and fuller than ever before. There are no chemicals involved and Kiierr’s hands-free hair growth system is much more convenient.

Kiierr offers a wider variety of products, including the laser cap. Also, if you are a male, you can feel assured that Kiierr has you covered! Get ahead of your hair loss today and get started on your hair growth journey with Kiierr.

kiierr laser cap before/after image vs. keranique results

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kiierr laser cap testimonial before:after treatment image - older woman

kiierr laser cap testimonial before:after treatment image - older woman - after treatment image

Kiierr vs Keranique Reviews FAQs

Is Kiierr safe to use?

Kiierr products are FDA-cleared and clinically proven to be a safe and effective hair growth treatment method. There are no known side effects.

Is Keranique safe to use?

Keranique products are clinically proven to be safe and effective to use. There are no known side effects.

Does Keranique really regrow hair?

Keranique products can help grow hair on the scalp.

Do laser caps really work?

Yes. Laser caps can work to regrow hair on the scalps of men and women who are struggling with hair loss.

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