Just as our bodies need nutrients and care, so does our hair and scalp. It’s important to take proper care of what’s on our head, insuring growth and strength. Healthy hair doesn’t have to be hard to achieve! These useful tips and tricks will help you maintain hair and scalp health, creating shinier and stronger hair.

Avoid Overheating Hair

It can be hard avoiding heat when styling your hair. Obviously when you straighten or curl your hair, these tools use high heat to get the job done, however, try avoiding excessive heating whenever you can. Using a curling iron or straightener on your hair every day can damage your hair, stripping moisture and creating dry and frizzy locks that can be hard to reverse. Make sure to always use a protectant before using irons, and to give your hair a break from the heat!

Lose Those Tight Hair Ties

We’ve all had those days where your hair gets thrown up with a hair tie because you have no time to style it, but try avoiding those tight ties when possible. Tight hair ties tend to pull your hair back too tight, increasing friction and causing breakage. It can also make your scalp incredibly itchy and painful once taken out. Scrunchies are making a come back, so try using those instead, or other cloth type ties for your hair.

Invest in Satin Pillow Covers

I didn’t understand the hype of satin pillow cases until I got one for myself. These work wonders for your hair! When sleeping on cotton covers, it can create friction due to the rough texture, which then allows for breakage. Sleeping on satin reduces this friction and leaves your locks soft and breakage free.

Oil Your Hair and Scalp

Essential oils, olive oil, and coconut oil is not only great for hair health, but for a healthy scalp as well. Oils can be rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are all essential for hair and scalp health, preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It also maintains moisture, leaving your hair shiny and breakage free. Just try not to over do it! The more oil you use, the more shampoo you’ll need to use to wash it out, stripping your natural oils in the process.

Use Hair Masks

Hair masks can be equally important as using oils, but make sure you aren’t just pulling any mask off the shelf and calling it a day. There are many masks for many types of hair and scalps. Make sure to choose the masks that are best suited for your hair type and troubles. If you use a random hair mask that doesn’t suit the needs of your hair, it might further add to the problems you’re seeing.

Wash Your Hair in Cold Water

I know, I know, this one is tough. No one likes getting into a cold shower! But cold water is super healthy for your hair. Hot water affects hair in a similar way as heat styling methods do. Cold water helps seal your hair cuticle, allowing it to lay smoothly. Smoother hair reflects light better, creating a shiny appearance. So although cold showers suck, shiny hair does not! Now this doesn’t mean your showers need to be freezing, just make sure your water is at least room temperature.