Balding Hairstyles for Men

balding hairstyles for men

We’ve grown up in a culture where a head full of hair on a man is not really given much worthy notice, but baldness is certainly cringed upon. Oftentimes, we see men feeling helpless and stuck in the rut of baldness, losing confidence in their appearance.

Baldness can be an inevitable reality for most men and also women. While some are enviously blessed abundantly in the hair department, others have to resign themselves to a receding hairline and more scalp appearance sooner in life. The problem worsens for men when they start losing confidence in their personality as each hair falls off their head.

Some men give in so helplessly to grieving their baldness that they fail miserably to accept the new appearance. Most resort to wearing a beanie or a ball cap for cover while others stubbornly insist on not letting go of the hairstyle they rocked with in their 20s. As a result, they fail to go bald as gracefully as they can.

We understand what you’re going through, but we want to assure you balding does not have to take away your swag, your confidence, and grace. We have some tremendous balding hairstyles for men up our sleeve, and we are going to share them with you.


1.) Crew Cut

crew cut

You can tell us you have heard of this one before, but we’re still going to discuss the crew cut. It is the most popular of all men’s hairstyle, regardless of a receding or a non-receding hairline. Do you know that the crew cut looks the way it does typically to draw attention back to your face and away from the widow’s peak? Yes, it does.

The crew cut lets you keep more of your hair length on the top side, but the sides remain closely chopped. The cut is so subtle and diplomatic no one would be able to guess it is to camouflage your encroaching baldness. We would definitely recommend this one to all those turning bald at a younger age or merely looking for some extra length on top. 

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2.) Buzz Cut

buzz cut haircut

If you ask, we will agree that a complete shave is downright intimidating. But why do you have to opt for it when you can settle for something far more classic and hardly daunting? Yes we’re talking about the buzz cut. This cut is so masculine while being simple that even you would rejoice your balding hair. 

This cut looks great even when you have thinning hair around the hairline and the crown. The buzz cut also minimizes the appearance of your widow’s peak or receding hairline and draws more attention to your face. The goal of any haircut for balding men is to draw the attention of the audience toward your face. While completely failing to notice the baldness. And this, dear men, is exactly what the buzz cut will do for you.


3.) Short Caesar Cut

short caesar cut haircut

You do know Julius Caesar, the warrior, right? This cut takes its name after the great historical celebrity. No matter how old a man may be, nothing gives him a greater kick than being likened to a warrior. And if a haircut is the way to win that thoroughly flattering comparison, why not get it?

The Caesar cut is one stylish way to disguise your thinning top and a receding hairline. This cut includes a bang cut in a horizontal fringe with forward styling. 


4.) Razor Shave

razor shave

Noticing patchy hair and bald spots already? A razor shave is the best haircut for you then. Rather than shaving off your head all in one go, it is better to embrace the hair loss patch by patch. The razor shave gives you not just a masculine style but also keeps you looking distinguished and clean-cut. We totally love how the razor shave takes away the necessity of having to bother with the hair at all.


5.) Shaggy Layers

shaggy hair balding hairstyles for men

If you have only recently noticed your thinning hair and are not yet ready to compromise on your beloved length altogether, we suggest the shaggy layers cut. With this hairstyle, you can adjust with some shaggy and light layers without going super short all at once. You will have only to request your barber to cut even layers for your hair on the top. 

When styling your hair with shaggy layers, just tussle it around a bit. You will see a disheveled but an attractive look, effectively concealing your thinning hair.


6.) Slicked Back

slicked back male

Slicked back has been one of the most popular and most frequent go-to hairstyles of men for many years. It is a simple trick to outline and highlight more of your face while keeping your receding hairline far out of the spotlight. 

Just grab a comb and a hair product and slick all of your remaining hair, right from the front to the back. Use a hairspray to set your hair but avoid overdoing it with the hair product. We don’t want you to look too greasy and sticky when trying to make an impression.


7.) Roger Sterling

roger sterling balding hairstyles men

You know the mad-men look is utterly dapper. Which man would refuse to flaunt it? The Roger sterling is the perfect cut for men facing a receding hairline but still possessing some hair on the top. This cut requires you to cut your hair on the top short, but long enough for you to comb a part of it sideways. 

You must instruct your barber to taper your sides, so they look nice and tight. Plus, the sides need to blend in smoothly with your top. You’ll look great!


A receding hairline, thinning hair, a balding head, need not be a taboo or a thing of embarrassment for you anymore. We know the struggle is real, but we are also here to assure you, that these balding hairstyles for men will make you look gloriously dapper, super rugged and masculine in all your baldness. Flaunt it like you want it should be the mantra for all bald men, and these hairstyles are the best form of flaunting. Try one of these hairstyles and let us know what you think!


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Balding Hairstyles for Men FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Is short hair better for balding?” answer-0=”This depends on how bad your hair is thinning. If you have longer hair in areas that you could part over your bald spot, do that. If you hair is thinning in multiple areas cut your hair shorter to disguise your thinning.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How do you style a bald spot?” answer-1=”You can style your longer hair to cover the spot. You can also trim your hair shorter in a crew cut or shave to hide the balding completely.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”When should a balding man shave?” answer-2=”This is entirely up to you. Shaved haircuts are always in style so you can always cover up your balding this way. Wait until you’re ready or it is extremely noticeable and no longer able to be covered up.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Will I look good with a shaved head?” answer-3=”Most likely, yes. It may take some getting used to but a shaved head can help show off your masculinity. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]