Are you struggling with a head of unhealthy hair? You are not alone!

Millions of men and women suffer from hair thinning every day. Luckily for you, there are several products and devices on the market that can help you. Some of these include laser hair growth hats, jojoba oil, shampoos and conditioners, vitamins and much more. 

In this specific article, we are going to discuss jojoba oil hair benefits. Read on to learn more!

What is Jojoba Oil? Does Jojoba Oil grow hair?

does jojoba oil grow hair

Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of a native shrub plant of the southwestern United States. The oil accounts for approximately half of the seed. You can find jojoba plants growing in abundance in Mexico, southern California, and Arizona. 

The oil is extracted from the jojoba seeds using a cold press method. This method helps assure that the oil taken out of the seeds will maintain its rich nutritional value. 

The oil of jojoba plant is wax-like in texture that manufacturers extract from the seeds of the plant. Since the 1970s, we particularly saw a rise in many foods and cosmetics featuring jojoba oil. The reason lies in its versatility owing to all the nutritious properties present within it.

What Research Says about Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth

Research supports some of the attributes of jojoba oil for your hair. The main benefit of the plant extract is that it moisturizes your hair, which is the key to hair thickness, quality, and growth. 

These studies state that jojoba oil is included in many hair care products because of its function as a microemulsion for the hair. It additionally contains anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidants, and vitamins to support a healthy head of hair.

What Should You Know Before Using Jojoba Oil for Hair Loss

jojoba oil for hair loss

Jojoba oil for hair loss can be a great remedy to combat your hair loss condition. However, jojoba oil has been known to cause an allergic reaction. Keep in mind that this has been known to be extremely rare when topically applying to areas of the scalp.

Regardless, it is important to be cautious and be aware of the possible side effects that could come into effect. One thing that you can do is use the oil in small amounts as recommended in other hair products for example. This can help define whether or not you may have a reaction to the oil. Make sure you do this before applying it in large amounts directly to the scalp or using in your shampoo or other hair products.

Jojoba Oil Benefits for Hair Growth

1.) Works as a Conditioner

jojoba oil for hair growth

The molecules present in jojoba oil are quite similar to sebum, so it naturally coats every strand of your hair with oil. 

When you apply it to your hair and scalp, it hydrates the individual strands and locks the moisture in. The result you will see is shiny, soft, and healthy hair. Moreover, the oil is quite lightweight in comparison to other regular heavy conditioners. This makes it perfectly suitable for people with fine or thin hair.

If you have excessively dry and brittle hair, you can slather on jojoba oil and allow it to remain in your scalp and hair overnight or a couple of hours. This will give you a deep conditioning effect and a soft texture. You can also simply combine a few drops of jojoba oil with your regular conditioner and apply it directly to your hair.

2.) Protection From Hair Damage

jojoba oil hair benefits

Women are generally avid followers of all hair trends that lead them to excessive use of hair styling tools and chemical application. From all the heat and chemical exposure, their locks tend to dry out and break with the damage.

Jojoba oil contains fatty acids that not only condition your hair but also protect it against all damage that harmful elements cause to your hair. Additionally, the antioxidants present in jojoba oil safeguard your hair against all free radicals, just as they do for your skin. 

For all the color-loving ladies, adding some jojoba oil to their hair routine will also serve to extend the life of your color. It is also a good idea to treat your hair to some drops of jojoba oil before and after you color your hair.

3.) Prevents Dandruff

jojoba oil benefits hair

With stearic acid and palmitic acid naturally present in jojoba oil, your hair gets just the right conditioning and protection it needs. When you massage the oil deep into your scalp, the additional dose of hydration will also reduce dandruff and soothe an itchy scalp. With regular use, you will certainly notice the troublesome pesky flakes disappearing for good. 

4.) Increases Hair Growth and Thickness

how to use jojoba oil for hair

There are many jojoba oil benefits for hair growth and thickness. The mineral and vitamin content in jojoba oil provide constant nourishment to your hair and maintain steady hair growth and thickness. Particularly, the zinc content is an essential element for your hair tissues that aid in hair growth. It induces the hair follicles into healthy growth while maintaining the activity of the surrounding oil glands simultaneously. 

5.) Offsets Gray Hair Appearance

jojoba oil benefits for hair

If you suffer from a deficiency of copper in your body, it will most likely cause premature graying hair for you as a result of the pigment loss. As mentioned above, jojoba oil content is also rich in copper as well as protective antioxidants such as vitamins E and C. With the help of all these elements, your premature graying process will slow down as jojoba oil will work to restore some of the copper you have lost. 

To combat this problem, you can use the oil as a leave-in conditioner. Massage a few drops of it into your hair and scalp after you shower. 

6.) Strengthens Hair

jojoba oil for hair loss

Jojoba oil strengthens the hair follicles. This is why people also believe it is a helpful aid in preventing hair loss and increasing thickness. The powerful components of this oil can improve the overall strength of your hair.

How to Use Jojoba Oil for Hair

There are several ways on how to use jojoba oil for hair growth. Below I have identified two of the most common ways you can incorporate this oil into your hair care routine to improve the overall health of your hair. 

1.) Direct Application

jojoba oil hair growth

You can simply apply the oil directly. Warm it up beforehand for easy application. Apply the hair from your root through the length and evenly down to the tips. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then proceed to wash with a shampoo and a conditioner.

2.) Combine with Other Products

Kiierr Hair Growth DHT Shampoo

You can combine a few drops of jojoba oil (say 3 to 5 drops) to a portion of your regular shampoo and conditioner before use. You can also consider using a shampoo that already contains jojoba oil in it.

Conclusion: Is Jojoba Oil Good for Hair?

The answer is yes, jojoba oil can be good for the hair! With all the nutrients present in jojoba oil, one can hardly doubt the benefits of this plant extract for hair. It is a great natural ingredient to add to your hair care regimen. Not only does it sufficiently condition your hair, but it also gives it better shine, texture, strength, and manageability.

While jojoba oil works to moisturize and improve the quality of your hair and its growth, one cannot rely on it as a treatment for alopecia, pattern baldness, and hair loss. With this being said, it is best to treat your pattern baldness with a laser cap. You can then use products containing jojoba oil, such as the Kiierr DHT Blocking Shampoo, for maximized hair growth results.


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Jojoba Oil for Hair Benefits FAQs

Can you leave jojoba oil in your hair overnight?

It is best if you do not leave jojoba oil in your hair overnight. Apply directly and let sit for 20 minutes and then wash it out. Or use it in the shower when washing your hair.

What are the benefits of jojoba oil?

Jojoba oil can help strengthen the hair follicles, increase hair growth and thickness, reduce dandruff, protect from damage, and more.

Will jojoba oil make my hair greasy?

Depending on what type of hair you have, it could potentially cause your hair to become greasy. However, it is a lightweight oil so you may not notice an increase in grease.

Can you leave jojoba oil in your hair?

You can leave jojoba oil in your hair if you apply it directly. Leave sit in your hair for approximately 20-minutes and then proceed to wash out.