Laser Cap vs. Minoxidil – What You Need To Know

Whether you just noticed that you are starting to have hair loss or whether you have been losing your hair for years, finding a hair loss treatment that actually works can be a Godsend. This is because as much as we might not want to admit it, the way we look, and specifically, how much hair we have can have a major impact on our confidence and self-esteem. 

Luckily, there are products available on the market that can help to stimulate hair growth and help to reverse your hair loss. Two of the most popular products that are available for hair loss treatment on the market today are doctor recommended laser caps and Minoxidil. In this article, we are going to break down everything you need to know about bother of these hair loss treatments so that you can decide which one is best for you. 


What is a Laser Cap? 

What is a Laser Cap?

A laser cap is a cap that looks similar to a baseball cap that is lined with laser diodes on the inside.  Laser diodes generate radiation via an electrical current injection into a junction. They differ from LEDs because they are much stronger. They are able to emit a lot of energy, and are better at directing where this energy goes, whereas an LED has lower output powers and omnidirectional emission. These caps have thousands of laser diodes in them, ensuring that every part of your scalp is being hit by them, in order to stimulate as much hair growth as possible. The diodes emit light in a red or infrared frequency. This specific wavelength of laser light triggers hair products in the hair follicles on the scalp. So, when a person wears a laser cap and when the lasers are turned on, it can help to stimulate the scalp to regrow hair over time. 


With a high-quality laser cap, treatments only have to be done several times per week with each treatment taking about 30 minutes. The great part about these treatments is that you can put the cap on and go about your day as normal, and no one will even know that it is not just a normal baseball cap. Laser caps rely on low-lever (laser) light therapy (LLLT). This treatment has been around since the 1960s, and was discovered by a Hungarian medical researcher named Endre Mester. While Mester was experimenting with lasers for other medical purposes, he discovered that low-level laser light can regrow hair.


Are Laser Caps Safe and Effective? 

Are Laser Caps Safe and Effective_

Low-level laser light therapy has been in use for many decades as a hair loss treatment. There have also been many different studies that have been conducted that proved the safety and effectiveness of LLLT devices such as this one. It is widely accepted in the medical community that LLLT devices such as laser caps are safe and effective, and crucially, do not have any major side effects. 

The great thing about the Kiierr Laser Caps is that they are for at home use – completely eliminating the need to go to the doctors office, or have a doctor get you one. Not only are they cheaper than others on the market, or the ones that you would have to get through a doctor, but there is a money back guarantee, as well as the option to purchase a 2 year warranty! They are FDA approved and certified, meaning that they have been cleared by the FDA to be both safe and effective. They are also much more affordable than others that are on the market.

Do Laser Caps Have Side Effects? 

Laser caps do not have any significant side effects in the vast majority of people who use them. 


Pros and Cons of Laser Caps 



  • Non-invasive  
  • Non-toxic 
  • Can be used in the comfort of your own home 
  • Highly effective for most people 
  • Safe (FDA-Cleared for efficacy & safety)
  • Virtually no significant side effects 
  • Nothing has to be taken internally 
  • Extremely discreet (look just like baseball caps) 
  • Many laser caps are FDA approved,  including the Kiierr Laser Cap.



  • They cannot restore 100% of hair for everyone 
  • Treatments take 1-2 hours per week 


What is Minoxidil? 

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a hair loss medication.  that is used to stimulate hair growth and slow balding. It is most effective for people under 40 years old who have recent hair loss. It does not help receding hairlines, and it does not cure baldness. Most of the hair that you are able to grow back while using Minoxidil is lost within 3 months after you stop taking it. There are two different versions of Minoxidil, an oral version and a topical version. The oral version requires a prescription and the topical version is over-the-counter (OTC). With the topical version, the Minoxidil solution is applied directly onto the scalp. With the oral version, the Minoxidil tablet is taken orally. 


Is Minoxidil Safe and Effective? 

There have been a number of studies conducted on Minoxidil, which prove that it is both safe and effective. However, it is also widely understood that hair loss will resume quickly after stopping Minoxidil treatment. Additionally, unlike LLLT, which does not have any significant long-term side effects, Minoxidil is known to have a wide range of negative side effects.  If you are taking the oral version, it is important that you check in with your doctor regularly to ensure that the medicine is working correctly, and that no unwanted effects are happening.


Minoxidil Side Effects 

Minoxidil Side Effects vs. Laser Cap

Here is a list of some of the main side effects that are sometimes experienced by people who use Minoxidil. 

  • Severe scalp irritation 
  • Unwanted growth of facial hair 
  • Chest pain and fast heartbeats 
  • Swelling in your hands or feet 
  • Rapid weight gain 
  • Light-headedness 
  • Facial hair growth
  • Increased hair loss
  • Inflammation or soreness at the root of the hair
  • Reddened skin
  • Headache 
  • Dizziness 
  • Confusion 
  • Changes in the color or texture of your hair 
  • Burning of scalp 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Tingling of hands, face, or feet
  • Fainting 
  • Acne on the scalp 
  • Swelling of the face 
  • … and more 


So, if you use Minoxidil, you might be able to regrow some of your hair, but there is also a distinct risk that you will experience some of these undesirable side effects as well. 


Pros and Cons of Minoxidil 

Pros & Cons Of Minoxidil


  • Has been proven to be effective in clinical studies 
  • Minoxidil is FDA-approved 



  • The effects are temporary and will cease quickly after you stop using it 
  • There are many potential undesirable side effects that can occur 
  • If you want the oral version, you will have to go through the process of getting a prescription
  • It takes 6-9 months to see results 
  • It doesn’t work for everyone 


So, Which Should You Choose, Minoxidil or Laser Caps? 

Which is Best? Minixidil or Laser Caps

We strongly suggest that you try out a laser cap before trying Minoxidil. There are many reasons for this, but the most important of these reasons is the fact that there are just too many side effects associated with using Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a drug and the body can have strong reactions to drugs. LLLT, the underlying therapy that laser caps use, has been safely used to treat hair loss for decades without generating significant side effects. 

In addition to this benefit, with a laser cap, you only have to buy the device once, then you can use it for as many years as you want. With Minoxidil, you have to keep purchasing the medicine on and on for years or even decades. This can be extremely expensive over time. 

Additionally, you will have to deal with getting a prescription and refilling it periodically if you choose to go with the oral version of Minoxidil. This can be a major inconvenience. 


Why You Should Try A Kiierr Laser Cap? 

The Kiierr Laser Cap Is Our Choice

Kiierr is one of the top laser cap brands in the world. Kiierr’s laser caps are FDA-Cleared and they come with a full money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t see results within a 7-month period while using a Kiierr laser cap for hair growth, then you can get a 100% refund. This alone makes Kiierr worth a shot. There’s virtually no financial risk.

Kiierr’s laser caps are also reasonably priced compared to other models available on the market. In fact, Kiierr’s laser caps start at $645. Kiierr laser caps also use authentic medical-grade laser diodes which provide optimal effectiveness. The thousands of laser diodes work together to ensure every area of your scalp is being targeted, in order to provide the best results!

So, if you are ready to start regrowing your hair ASAP, then you should strongly consider buying a Kiierr laser hair cap today.

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