Rice Water for Hair Growth

rice water for hair growth

For centuries, women belonging to ancient Japanese periods swayed men and women with their floor-length, waterfall-like hair. The Repunzel-like depiction you only get to see in fairytale books now was once a reality. Their secret was simple, rice water for hair growth

Modern people like us may find it unbelievable that rice water strengthens and beautifies hair, but it is a very ancient practice. Several beauty lovers and scientists felt so fascinated by this fact that they conducted some experiments to find validity in this claim.

Several studies discovered that rice water contains inositol, an ingredient that can penetrate your hair and repair the damage inside out. You can pinch yourself if you think your eyes are tricking you right now.

Rice water is not just super easy to make, but its efficiency in restoring and boosting hair growth is almost miraculous. Here is what the scientists discovered in their experiments:

1.) There is approximately seventy-five to eighty percent of starch present in rice.

2.) When you soak rice in water, you get a starchy liquid that contains minerals and vitamins.

3.) Rice water contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E, B vitamins, and amino acids.

Although we recommend a laser cap for desired hair growth results, this article is going to focus solely on rice water for hair growth. Keep reading for more details!

Is Rice Water Good For Hair Growth?

is rice water good for hair growth

If scientists have discovered concrete evidence, then who are we to question is rice good for hair growth. In case you still need to see it in writing to believe it, then yes, rice water is good for your hair growth. There is an active ingredient inositol present in it, which is a damaged-hair repairing carbohydrate.

Therefore, when you apply rice water to your hair, inositol remains in the follicles. It continues to protect and shield your hair against damage, while simultaneously restoring the current damage.

There are also amino acids present in rice water, which further increase your hair volume, strengthen the roots, and make your hair smoother and shinier. In truth, there is hardly any fact one can find to discredit rice water’s benefits for hair growth. 

It is beneficial in every way while being completely unadulterated and natural. There are no known side effects, and the hair follicles continue to grow with regular use. Here are a few advantages of rice water for your hair:

  • Increases hair length

  • Strengthen your hair, minimizing breakage

  • Makes your hair shinier and smoother

  • Detangles hair, softening the rough and brittle texture of dry hair.

  • Cures dandruff

  • Works as a conditioner

  • Starch present in rice water can also rid your hair of lice and nits

  • Cures split ends

  • Boosts hair growth

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How To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth

how to use rice water for hair growth

Wondering how to use rice water for hair growth? Here is the simplest way and the ingredients you will need: 

  • Water – 1 cup
  • Rice- 1 cup


rice water for hairline growth

Step 1:

To prepare your rice water, rinse and strain the rice. Then mix the rice you strained with a cup of water in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients until you see a cloudy liquid form in the bowl.

Step 2:

Put the rice with water in a plastic container and soak for 12 to 24 hours. This may seem like a long soak, but it allows all the minerals and vitamins of the rice release and mix into the water.

Step 3:

Next, strain the rice and refrigerate the water until you are ready to use it. The water can stay in your refrigerator for up to a week, so make sure you use it within that period.  

Step 4:

The best way to apply the rice is to run the liquid through your hair after your shampoo and conditioning session. Then allow the liquid to sit on your hair for at least two minutes before you rinse it off. Let your scalp absorb a fair share of goodness too.

Rice Water For Hair Growth Recipe

rice water for hair growth recipe

Here are some other simple rice water for hair growth recipes to choose from.

1.) Soaking

The quickest recipe for preparing rice water is soaking it for roughly thirty minutes. For this recipe:

  • Rinse a ½ cup of rice thoroughly and strain it
  • Soak the strained rice in 2 or 3 cups of water
  • Let the rice sit in the water for thirty minutes
  • Strain the rice and proceed to apply the water to your hair

2.) Boiled Rice Water

The other simple method of obtaining rice water is through boiled rice. For this recipe:

  • Fill a tumbler with rice (could be any; jasmine, basmati, brown or white rice)
  • Add more water than you usually use for cooking, into the tumbler
  • Boil the rice as per your usual preference. Gather all the boiled rice water into a container as you strain.
  • Allow the liquid to cool down. You will find a cloudy and highly concentrated liquid after this processing.
  • Apply the rice water to your hair and scalp after your usual shampoo and conditioning session. Rinse off after allowing it to sit in your hair for two to five minutes.


rice water for hair growth

Although we recommend a laser cap for the most effective hair growth treatment, rice water has been a standard beauty product in many Asian regions for years and has been proven to work. It is particularly beneficial for hair growth, and people use it as an alternative treatment. Scientific studies and historical examples suggest that rice water is a helpful agent for improving hair growth and strengthening its texture. Keep in mind that you can implement rice water treatments with your LLLT therapy from your laser cap to achieve hair growth.


For other hair growth methods to pair with your laser cap treatments, check out this article discussing onion juice for hair growth.


Rice Water for Hair Growth FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”How long does it take for rice water to grow your hair?” answer-0=”This will vary depending on the individual. However, results can be seen within the first few months of incorporating rice water into the hair care routine.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Does rice water make your hair grow?” answer-1=”Yes. Rice water can make your hair grow.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”How often can I use rice water on my hair?” answer-2=”Use rice water on your hair each time you shampoo and condition in the shower. Follow your normal hair washing routine.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”How do you make rice water?” answer-3=”There are several ways to make rice water. The two simplest ways are by soaking and boiling.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]