Hair loss is a serious problem. So serious that approximately 56 million people suffer from hair loss according to the American Hair Loss Association. Even if people start making baldness a trend, it doesn’t suit everyone or solve the problem. So, if you are beginning to notice your hair thinning or falling out on the daily, it is time to take action.

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However, before jumping into treatment options, you need to be very clear about the reasons and potential causes of your hair loss. Some of the patterns are quite common in women, while others are associated with men. There are also causes of hair loss that are associated with both genders. 

In this article we are going to discuss all details regarding hair shedding. Let’s dive deep into the top hair shedding causes and the best treatment options available to combat your condition! Read on to learn more.

Is Hair Shedding Normal?

First and foremost, let’s discuss if hair shedding is normal? The answer is YES. Is hair shedding normal in men and women? YES. The truth is, hair shedding is normal for every individual regardless of your age. 

The average individual loses anywhere from 80-100 hairs per day. Yes, this is normal! However, what you want to be careful of is that you are not experiencing hair loss in large clumps or excessive amounts. This may mean that there is a different problem you may have to address.

Now, let’s discuss the hair shedding cycle.

The Hair Shedding Cycle

hair shedding cycle

The hair goes through three stages in the hair shedding cycle. These stages consist of:

1.) Anagen- growth stage

2.) Catagen- transitional stage

3.) Telogen- shedding stage

During the shedding stage is when you will notice your hair begin to fall out.

Learn more about the hair growth cycle.

What Causes Hair Shedding in Men and Women?

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There are many factors that can play a role in developing a hair loss condition. Below are a few that might apply to you.

  • Genetics

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Genetics plays an important role in hair loss. Yes, some say that it is just a myth, but it is not entirely false. Chances of hair loss increase if you have the condition in your family. Check out if most family members  have the same problem. If yes, then your hair loss  might be caused by genetics. 

  • Hormones







Oftentimes when we think of hormones, we immediately associate them with women. However, hormones in men and women can have a deadly effect on the hair follicles if there is an imbalance. 

The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is commonly credited for causing hair loss on the scalps of men and women. Keep in mind that most often it will only be detrimental if overproduced. This is why you need to be cognizant of the capabilities that DHT can have when it comes to destroying the hair. The overproduction of DHT can be properly treated with products such as DHT-blocking shampoo and DHT-blocking vitamins.

  • Pregnancy

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This applies to women: Post pregnancy, many women suffer from a hair loss condition known as postpartum hair loss. This is due to an increased balance of estrogen during the pregnancy, and then hormones regulating back to normal levels after giving birth. This typically causes the hair growth cycle to return to normal, and women often see hair loss either in a slight or excessive amount.

  • Hairstyling

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Too much hairstyling and using high chemical products can be dangerous for the health of your hair. This means that you need to be aware of the products and tools that you are using to style and treat your hair. Eliminate products such as gels, shampoos, and conditioners that contain harmful ingredients. Reduce the amount of trips you take to the salon to have your hair done or colored. Lastly, especially for women, try to limit the amount of days during the week you use heating tools on the hair. These are known to strip out the natural moisture of the hair follicles and cause damage and breakage.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

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Keeping a healthy scalp and hair comes largely from the foods you eat. It is important to be feeding your body the right minerals and nutrients so they can be distributed to the hair follicles to thrive and grow.

Focus on eating foods that are high in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins. These will provide the proper amount of nutrients to support a healthy head of hair. Some foods that you can get the nutritional values needed for healthy hair are spinach, eggs, meat, cheese, fish, nuts, seeds, and grains.

  • Medication

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Certain medications such as the ones you might take for the cure of depression or cancer can also be known to damage the hair follicles. If you are witnessing anything like this, you need to contact your practitioner as soon as possible. 

  • Stress

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Stress is quite common in everyone these days. There are work obligations to fulfill, family to care for, personal struggles and more. Stress has been known to contribute to hair loss and this condition is known as telogen effluvium. The good news is that it is often curable if treated properly.

  • Medical Conditions 

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There are many medical conditions that can cause hair shedding or hair loss. The most common medical condition that can be related to hair loss is cancer and the treatment you must undergo to try and battle this condition. Many of the medications and treatment therapies can attack and destroy the hair on the scalp. As a result, many individuals experience some form of hair loss. 

The Best Hair Shedding Treatment Option

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It is important to find a hair shedding treatment option that will work for you! This is why we are going to introduce you to FDA-cleared laser caps for hair loss. These medical devices are clinically proven to safely and effectively regrow hair on the scalps of men and women suffering from hair shedding and hair loss.

The devices use low level light therapy (LLLT) treatment to stimulate blood flow to the scalp to provide the essential nutrients and oxygen levels to the hair follicles. This encourages new and healthy growth in areas of the scalp that already contain hair, and the problematic areas that are experiencing shedding. Kiierr laser caps are worn every other day for 30-minutes with new hair growth reported by some customers after the 4-month mark!

Kiierr Laser Cap - Guaranteed Hair Growth Improvement Within 7 Months

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What are Other Hair Shedding Remedies?

There are several other hair shedding remedies available on the market today. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know which products might work best for you and your hair loss condition. It is important to be aware of all of the products available, as well as know the ingredients in each (if applicable). Here are some hair shedding products that you may consider.

Hair Shedding Products

1.) Hair Shedding Shampoo

Kiierr Hair Growth DHT Shampoo








Also known as DHT-blocking shampoo. This product contains enzymes and natural ingredients to help block the overproduction of the DHT hormone.

2.) Vitamins for Hair Shedding

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Also known as DHT-blocking vitamins. This product contains all natural ingredients and is equipped to stop hair loss in its tracks by blocking the overproduction of the DHT hormone on the scalp.

3.) Essential Oils

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Essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, castor, lemongrass, and coconut are some of the best essential oils that you can use to help keep your hair strong and healthy. Each contains their own natural properties that help moisturize and stimulate growth in the hair follicles.


Hair shedding is a very common condition among men and women around the world. In addition, there are several different factors that can lead to hair shedding, and sometimes it can be tricky to figure out what is causing yours. However, throughout this article, we have discussed the top hair shedding causes and best treatment options available for you.

It is important to get ahead of your hair shedding in the early stages. Once you first begin to notice, it is time to take action. Get started on your hair growth journey with Kiierr today and let us help you get your hair back to its thickest and healthiest stage!

To learn more about laser caps and how they can help combat your hair loss, read Laser Hair Regrowth.



How can I stop my hair from shedding?

There are several ways that you can stop your hair from shedding. One of the best ways is to use a FDA-cleared laser cap to help stimulate new growth in the hair follicles.

Why is my hair shedding so much?

Hair shedding can occur for many different reasons. Some of the most common causes of hair shedding can include nutritional deficiency, genetics, hormones, medications, and pregnancy.

How long will hair shedding last?

This will depend upon the person and what treatment therapy you decide to use to combat your condition.

What vitamins help with hair shedding?

DHT-blocking vitamins contain all natural ingredients to help combat hair shedding and hair loss on the scalps of men and women.