Go Pink in October

breast cancer awareness month

The month of October is not all about candy and spooky Halloween costumes. This month is also dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, to help us honor those who are fighting, who are survivors, and who have lost their life to this disease. Breast cancer affects nearly one in every eight women in their lifetime, so chances are you will be affected by it in some way, shape, or form. With this fact in mind, it is important that both men and women are educated about breast cancer so that we can detect the signs and symptoms in the early stages. Read below to go pink in October!

Breast Cancer Background

breast cancer cell

Breast cancer is formed in the breast tissue of men and women when cells have grown uncontrollably. These cells typically form a tumor type mass on the breast that can either be seen in an x-ray or felt through the skin. Researchers have identified that several factors in developing breast cancer could be caused from environmental, hormonal, and lifestyle circumstances. You can learn more about signs and symptoms of breast cancer by clicking here.

As in many forms of cancer, breast cancer can cause individuals to lose their hair when completing chemotherapy treatments. Not to worry, Kiierr’s laser caps and hair growth supplements can help restore those hair follicles at home with little effort required (we do recommend consulting with your doctor before purchasing the caps and supplements after completing treatment). Individuals should also stray away from using shampoos that contain strong fragrances as well as avoiding heat application directly to the hair strands.

Education and Prevention

go pink in october

There are many non-profit organizations that were developed to help educate and support men and women about this disease, while also give others a chance to talk about their experiences. Organizations like Keep a Breast offer guidance and learning opportunities to help identify breast cancer in its early stages. Their mission is: “To empower young people around the world with breast health education and support”. By donating to these foundations, you are helping them provide the necessary resources and education to individuals all around the world. Show your support, strut your pink, and help save a life! Go Pink in October!

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How do you plan to support breast cancer awareness month?