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Is It Possible to Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Accelerate Hair Growth with Kiierr
Sometimes you want to grow hair. Other times, you want to grow hair fast. So the question becomes: Is it even possible to accelerate hair growth under normal conditions? Understanding How Hair Grows While we could offer up a few quick tips and send you on your way, the reality is that most people will […]

My Dad is Bald – Does That Mean I’ll Go Bald, Too?

Balding Genetics
As you probably know, some level of hair loss is usually tied to genetics. But if your dad went bald at an early age, does that necessarily mean you’re guaranteed to do the same? Balding and Genetics Traditionally, people have always said to look at your mother’s father. If your maternal grandfather is bald, then […]

iRestore Review vs. Kiierr

Kiierr vs. iRestore Reviews
Suffering from hair loss does not have to be terrifying. We live in a world full of amazing technology that can help regrow your hair back. One of these technologies is low-level light therapy (LLLT), which has revolutionized the hair growth industry. It has become the number one way to rejuvenate hair follicles on both […]

Top 4 Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Naturally regrow your hair
Suffering from a thinning scalp, balding, or some other form of hair loss? A quick Google search will reveal a wealth of options and remedies. But before you dive headfirst into these solutions, make sure you have a complete picture of what’s out there. Not all options are as safe or harmless as they seem. […]

Derma Roller for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

[box] Article Updated – October 21, 2022[/box] [box] Medically Reviewed by Dr. Theodore J. Daly, MD, FAAD, FSPD, FASD[/box] [box type=”shadow”] Disclaimer: If you have any medical questions or concerns, please talk to your healthcare provider. This article is reviewed by our experts and uses peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental […]

Do Lasers Help Regrow Hair?

woman with long silky hair holding hair brush
When it comes to hair growth, it seems like everyone has the answer. DIY remedies are all the craze, and essential oils are gaining traction for thicker, stronger hair. But for these remedies to work, they depend on your hair, and as we all know, our hair is very different from the next person. One […]

Hair Transplants vs. Kiierr

We at times take our hair for granted, assuming it’ll always be there. But as we age, or when complications arise, the rate of hair growth slows down, and our precious locks can take a major hit. Hair loss will affect most of us within our life time, whether it be influenced by age, disease, […]

Who Can Kiierr Help?

Hair loss can be difficult. Our hair is intertwined with our identity, and when it begins to thin or fall out, we can lose a sense of ourselves along with the strands. It can be devastating, affect our mood and self esteem, and can cause stress and depression. Does Kiierr work to help many with […]

Go Pink in October

breast cancer awareness month
The month of October is not all about candy and spooky Halloween costumes. This month is also dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, to help us honor those who are fighting, who are survivors, and who have lost their life to this disease. Breast cancer affects nearly one in every eight women in their lifetime, so […]

Three Methods to Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss can be quite devastating. For many people, hair is tied to identity. It’s what makes us who we are in a sense. When those strands start falling out, we can often times feel like we have lost a part of ourselves; literally and figuratively. And although alopecia is a common occurrence in our […]