Laser Comb Reviews vs Kiierr Laser Cap

laser comb vs. laser cap for hair loss

Hair loss is a common condition among men and women all over the world. In fact, millions of men and women suffer from hair loss every year. There are many underlying factors that can lead to hair thinning such as alopecia, poor diet, stress, traumatic event, nutrient deficiency, and more.

With hair loss being such a common experience for men and women, it is no doubt that individuals are constantly looking for treatment methods to combat their condition. Lucky for you, medical professionals and scientists are constantly researching and studying ways to develop a cure for hair loss. Although there isn’t a permanent solution yet, there are many devices on the market that can help slow down the hair loss process as well as strengthen and grow back existing hair follicles.

In this article we are going to discuss two popular hair loss treatment devices that you can use to grow your hair. We will be going into detail about the Kiierr laser cap and the laser comb. Keep reading below to discover the similarities and differences between the Kiierr laser cap vs laser comb.

Laser Comb Vs. Kiierr Laser Cap for Hair Loss

Kiierr vs. laser comb for hair loss

A laser comb for hair loss is a hair growth treatment device that uses low level light therapy treatment to stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp to regrow new hair. The laser combs look exactly as they sound in most cases. The device is a literal hair comb that you brush through your hair on the scalp for a certain amount of treatment time. There are also certain companies that offer a laser comb in the form of a headband that you place on top of your head. This device contains little “teeth” as a comb does to help separate the hair so the LLLT can directly reach the scalp tissue.

Laser Comb For Hair Growth Details

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Laser hair combs were one of the first technology hair growth treatments available on the market and are FDA-cleared to be safe and effective to use. The laser therapy is emitted through laser diodes (in some devices, others are LEDs) and is intended to stimulate blood flow in the scalp tissue to produce new hair growth. However, they typically contain less diodes than a laser cap and if you have little to no hair growth in an area, you cannot run the comb through that short hair to help produce new growth.

Treatment time and cost vary depending on which company you purchase your laser comb through. With some combs, treatment time is as little as 3-minutes, others require 25-minutes. Most laser hair combs are recommended to be used every other day. The cost of these products can be anywhere from $200-$2000 depending on what laser comb you are purchasing.

Comparing the Laser Hair Comb vs Kiierr Laser Cap for Hair Growth

laser comb

Laser comb reviews vs Kiierr are quite different depending on which laser comb you purchase. However, both are FDA-cleared devices and can contain medical grade laser diodes that emit the low level light therapy treatment.

The difference in price is one of the main differences between these hair growth devices. Another major difference is how treatment is completed. Laser caps are an intended treatment therapy that require no effort once you place the cap on your head. You simply turn them on and then back off once treatment is completed. On the other hand, laser combs require much more effort. You must physically comb through your hair with the device in order to hit all areas of the scalp and hair that you want to be stimulated by the low level light therapy. This makes this hair growth treatment therapy quite inconvenient.

Also keep in mind that laser caps provide full scalp coverage. It is easy to miss some spots during treatment with the laser comb if you are not consistent while combing through the strands. Overall, the laser cap for hair loss is more convenient to use and can provide better hair growth results.

Kiierr Laser Cap Details

kiierr laser cap

The Kiierr laser cap for hair loss is FDA-cleared and designed with low level light therapy (LLLT) technology to grow back healthier and stronger. The cap is responsible for energizing aging cells and stimulating new hair growth on the scalp.

The beauty of the Kiierr cap is that they are completely portable and designed for convenient use. You can use the cap and complete your treatment therapy at any time of the day, wherever you want.

Treatment time is for 30-minutes every other day. As mentioned, the cap is portable so you do not have to be at home to complete your hair growth treatment. Running errands, chores around the house, you can do it all!

When looking to purchase a Kiierr laser cap, you will be provided three different cap options. One cap contains 148 medical grade laser diodes and the other two contain 272 medical grade laser diodes. The more lasers a cap contains, the more effective the results will be in a shorter amount of time.

When using low level light therapy treatment, it is important to look at what the company is using in terms of their lasers equipped in the caps. Kiierr for example, uses medical grade laser diodes in all three caps. Medical grade laser diodes are the most effective laser when trying to stimulate and regrow the hair follicles. They are able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin than LED lights. This being said, you can be confident that the Kiierr laser cap is equipped with the most upscale technology to regrow your hair.

Kiierr Laser Cap for Hair Loss Details

The prices of the Kiierr caps range from $595-$1,395 depending on what cap you choose and whether or not you decide to purchase the fabulous hair growth supplements with the cap in the complete system. Customers typically report new hair growth within the 4-6 month mark. However, new hair growth can also be seen as early as 3-months into treatment.

When purchasing products with Kiierr, you can feel confident in your purchase. Kiierr offers a 7-month growth guarantee with your laser cap purchase and a free 2-year warranty. This means that if you do not see noticeable hair growth results after using the caps religiously for atleast 7-months, you can return the products for a full money back. Also, if you experience any malfunctioning or need a replacement (very rare), Kiierr will replace the components for free.

Kiierr Laser Cap - Guaranteed Hair Growth Improvement Within 7 Months

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Conclusion: Laser Comb Reviews vs Kiierr

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Kiierr vs laser comb reviews unveiled the major similarities and differences between the two medical devices. Although both are FDA-cleared with no known side effects, we would recommend the Kiierr laser cap to start your hair growth journey. This convenient, hands-free hair growth option is one of the most effective ways to effortlessly grow your hair. Not to mention, the 7-month money back guarantee will instill confidence when placing your order.

With free 2-day shipping on all orders, you will be able to place and receive your order in no time! If you need any help or have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to Kiierr’s customer service team.

To learn more details on how a laser cap can help combat your hair loss, read A Complete Guide to Kiierr’s Laser Cap


Laser Comb Reviews vs Kiierr FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Does the laser comb really work?” answer-0=”Laser combs are an FDA-cleared medical device designed to effectively grow hair on the scalps of men and women.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Do laser combs really regrow hair?” answer-1=”Laser combs are proven to regrow hair on the scalp. However, laser caps are extremely convenient to use with treatment only every other day. These portable devices allow you to complete treatment wherever and whenever you want.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Do laser caps work?” answer-2=”Laser caps are clinically proven to be a safe and effective hair growth medical device. There are no known side effects and these hair growth treatment devices can grow hair in as little as 3-months.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”What is the best hair loss treatment method?” answer-3=”Laser caps for hair loss are one of the most effective hair loss treatment methods on the market today. They are safe and effective to use on the scalps of men and women and are clinically proven to regrow hair on the scalp.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]