The cure for baldness is still on the lookout, and while there are understandings about contributing factors playing a role in male/female pattern baldness, the actual cause is still unknown in the medical and scientific world. However, there might be a link between two unsuspecting things: McDonalds fries and hair growth. Although hair growth probably won’t happen eating those salty fries every day, the scientific community might have found an ingredient that paves the way toward a cure for baldness.

a link to mcdonalds fries and hair growth

Researchers at Japan’s Yokohama National University found a chemical in McDonald’s french fries that can be used as a base to grow hair follicles, specifically in mice. But as most research is studied on mice before humans, this is something big. The scientists stated that a formula using oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane helped in the growth of hair on the backs and scalps of mice.

And this is huge!

This formula was used in readying 5000 hair follicle germs, which was shown to be capable of efficient hair follicle and shaft generation upon intracutaneous transplantation into the backs of nude mice. This efficiently proves that this chemical helped in the process of hair follicle regeneration.

Now, before you freak out that this chemical is added to your fries, McDonalds has stated that it is used as an agent in very small doses to prevent the oil from foaming. So you can eat those fries without worry.

Follicle regeneration could be at the forefront of a cure and a hope for the future for those suffering from male/female pattern baldness. Dimethylpolysiloxane is being used as a base to grow the follicles. While it doesn’t necessarily trigger hair growth on its own, by triggering the follicle to grow, it can then promote hair growth.

kiierr laser cap to cure baldnessThousands of men and women suffer from androgenetic alopecia every day, and while this discovery has shaken the hair loss industry, don’t wait around for this magical cure too long while those locks are being lost. Kiierr’s low level light therapy caps can help promote hair growth by improving cellular respiration and stimulating the hair follicles. Better breathing cells make for a better functioning hair follicle and ultimately happier, healthier hair. Hopefully a cure will be discovered soon, but until then, take care of those precious locks on your head and try low level light therapy caps.



Does the link to McDonalds fries and hair growth make you want to make a stop at the drive through on your way home? I don’t blame you! But, if you are looking for other foods to increase the health and growth of your hair, we have you covered.


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A Link to McDonald’s Fries FAQs

Can McDonald fries cure baldness?

Scientists in Japan have stated that the chemical found in McDonald's french fries can be used as a base to grow hair follicles.

Are french fries good for your hair?

A group of Japan scientists at a national university conducted studies and found that oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane, a chemical in McDonald's fries can increase hair growth.

Does fried food cause baldness?

An over consumption of friend, greasy foods can lead to hair thinning after a long period of time. This is because the grease starts to clog the hair follicles on the head and slowing down growth.