When it comes to hair growth, it seems like everyone has the answer. DIY remedies are all the craze, and essential oils are gaining traction for thicker, stronger hair. But for these remedies to work, they depend on your hair, and as we all know, our hair is very different from the next person. One hair regrowth technology that is bound to work however, are lasers. More specifically, low level light therapy.

It can be devastating when our hair starts to thin, and we can feel a bit frantic when trying to find the right “cure” for our hair, but with low level light therapy, that frantic feeling can disappear, allowing those luscious locks to thrive once again.

What is Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Light therapy is a clinically proven, FDA approved technology that effectively treats hair loss, specifically those suffering from male/female pattern baldness.

It stimulates and enhances cell function, promoting hair growth by absorbing into the cells, and triggering cellular activity. When suffering from male/female pattern baldness, your hair follicles go into the resting stage at a faster rate than your scalp can produce in the growth stage.

By using low level light therapy, it improves cellular respiration, forcing hair to stay in the growth phase longer and reducing the amount of time in the dormant stage. This therapy is both safe to use and extremely effective, gaining the approval from medical doctors and dermatologists.

In this great technological revolution, hair growth technology has gone above and beyond to ensure your hair has the chance to live again. Low level light therapy was once only available in special clinics, costing an arm and a leg to receive. But now, this tech has been brought home to use! Companies like Kiierr care about your scalp and hair growth, bringing you hair growth caps you can wear at home for a fraction of the cost.

But be aware!

Many companies use both low-level lasers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in their hair growth caps. What many people aren’t aware of, is that light emitting diodes do not produce the same stimulation of hair growth as low-level lasers. There are thousands of studies and clinical reports on lasers and the effect it has on hair growth, but there has been very little evidence that LEDs have an effect on hair growth or cell stimulation.

So, Does it Actually Work?


Lasers work magic on your hair and scalp, generating growth like you’ve never before seen. Forget the DIY remedies, lasers are where you’ll see the most growth the fastest. There are many testimonials, and it ha been proven to provide a 40 percent increase in hair growth over the span of using the hair growth caps.

Not only do they have a guaranteed increase of hair growth, but its noninvasive, painless, has no side effects, and increases hair strength and scalp health. And not to mention, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, for an affordable price!

Who doesn’t like that?