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Can people with darker skin types use laser caps?

Does laser hair therapy work on darker skin tones
Do you have a darker skin tone curious if laser hair therapy can help you restore your hair? Or have you heard a crazy rumor that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) only works for people with light skin? The short answer is laser hair growth therapy DOES work for people with dark skin. Best of all, […]

Do Lasers Help Regrow Hair?

woman with long silky hair holding hair brush
When it comes to hair growth, it seems like everyone has the answer. DIY remedies are all the craze, and essential oils are gaining traction for thicker, stronger hair. But for these remedies to work, they depend on your hair, and as we all know, our hair is very different from the next person. One […]

Grivamax Laser Cap Review vs Kiierr

grivamax laser cap review vs. Kiierr
There are many products on the market today aimed towards replenishing your hair. From topical treatments, medications, and hair transplants, those suffering from androgenetic alopecia have many options to help get their hair back. However, rather than opting for the traditional methods for hair growth, an amazing technology is now available to use in the […]

The Best Hair Growth Treatment

hair growth treatment
As you may already know, hair loss is a common condition that men and women face every day. According to this study, 56 million people suffer from hair loss in the United States alone. With this statistic in mind, there is no doubt that you are on the hunt for the best hair growth treatment […]

What is a Laser Hair Growth Cap?

kiierr laser cap hair growth
 Are you struggling with hair loss and looking for a way to retrieve those beautiful hair follicles you once loved? You are not alone! In this post we are going to discuss the details of the Kiierr laser hair growth cap, and how it can help you combat your hair loss! What is a […]