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Do Lasers Help Regrow Hair?

woman with long silky hair holding hair brush
When it comes to hair growth, it seems like everyone has the answer. DIY remedies are all the craze, and essential oils are gaining traction for thicker, stronger hair. But for these remedies to work, they depend on your hair, and as we all know, our hair is very different from the next person. One […]

iGrow Helmet vs Kiierr

igrow helmet vs kiierr
Androgenetic Alopecia in men and women is a devastating occurrence. When hair starts thinning and falling out, not only are we losing a part of ourselves, but other problems can arise such as stress, anxiety, and depression. One’s self esteem can become low, and the search for alternatives can become a priority. Rather than looking […]

A Hopeful Cure for Male Pattern Baldness

Many men fear the time when their hair begins to thin until one day they wake up bald. Or worse, have a receding hair line. For some, this will never be an issue, but for those who have family members that went through it, or just love their luscious locks, this can be quite a […]