Let’s admit it; we all need to find a trustworthy way to reverse hair loss at one point in time. The reason is common. A large number of people experience hair loss, and we all know how hard it can be to combat the underlying condition and find products and treatments that work.

Whether it is men or women, hair is one of the most consistent and recognizable identifiers. In our social culture, a healthy head full of voluminous hair symbolizes virility, youth, and sometimes success. No matter how confident you are, if you suffer from hair thinning or have bald spots, you may feel self-conscious.  

Aging is one of the most common factors that may contribute to hair thinning. Some studies show that approximately 50 to 55 percent of men suffer from hair loss by fifty-five. But it doesn’t mean that it is only a male-problem. Another study showed that 40 percent of females experience hair issues, typically hair loss by the age of forty. 

Diet, stress, and depression can be other leading causes of hair fall in men and women. But luckily, there are plenty of options that can help you regrow your hair and reverse hair thinning. All you need is to find out what works best for you. 

Choosing the right method is easier said than done. You need to take the pros and cons of each choice into account to make the right decision. In this regard, the article compares Finasteride and laser cap therapy (LLLT), which are the popular hair restoration systems. Specifically Finasteride for hair loss vs Kiierr.

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Finasteride Medication Approval and Background


Finasteride (popularly known as Propecia or Proscar) is an oral treatment option for pattern baldness –androgenetic alopecia). According to News Medical Life Sciences, this drug was approved in the United States by the FDA in 1992. However, its first approval was for benign prostatic hyperplasia. In 1997, is when the drug was approved by the FDA to be used for pattern baldness.

According to Healthline, “Finasteride makes a reliable choice for people as it can slow hair loss and can provide improvement in reducing hair loss”.

This oral hair growth treatment’s main purpose is to decrease the DHT hormone produced in the scalp. DHT and hair loss are connected and this hormone can be detrimental to your hair health if not properly treated.

How to Use Finasteride for Hair Loss

finasteride for hair loss

Finasteride is a tablet form medication that is taken orally. According to The U.S. National Library of Medicine, this medication is usually taken once per day (at the same time) with or without food. As always, follow the instructions on the bottle label, and do not take it more often than stated on the bottle, as well as taking more than prescribed.

You can take the tablet with a glass of water at a time of day that works in your schedule. Make sure to consult with your pharmacist of doctor about reactions Finasteride might have if mixed with other medications.

Finasteride for Hair Growth Consumption Details

finasteride for hair growth

Finasteride is prescribed by a pharmacist in an oral tablet form. The dosage and amount you need to take of this prescribed medication depends on some underlying factors. According to Healthline, these can include but are not limited to:

1.) Age

2.) Other medications you currently take

3.) How severe your hair loss is

You must be 18 years of age to use Finasteride for hair growth.

Finasteride Dosage for Hair Loss

finasteride dosage for hair loss

Dosing will most likely be different for all individuals. According to the Mayo Clinic, the below information are the doses based on average individuals using Finasteride for hair loss.

  • Adults—1 milligram (mg) once a day.
  • Children—Use is not recommended.

Also, if you miss a dose of this medicine, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do not double doses.

Finasteride Pill Results

According to the National Library of Medicine, Finasteride can slow hair loss while you are actively and consistently taking the medication. Take note that medical professionals suggest continually taking the oral hair growth treatment to avoid losing progress and hair altogether. It is known that if you stop taking the medication, you can experience hair loss in new hair growth areas of the scalp

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Potential Finasteride Side Effects

finasteride side effects

According to Healthline, while taking Finasteride you might be confronted with some mild side effects. These can include:

1.) Skin rash

2.) Decreased sex drive

3.) Depressive thoughts

4.) Swelling of the lips or facial region

5.) Increase in breast size or tenderness

6.) Allergic reaction

Not everyone experiences these side effects. However, if you do make sure you consult with your doctor.

Finasteride Warnings

finasteride warnings

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it is important to keep this medication tightly sealed in the bottle it came in and keep it in a safe location and out of reach for children and pets. It is best to store the bottle at room temperature.

If you need to dispose of your medication, do not flush down the toilet. Instead, dispose through a medicine take-back program or talk to your pharmacist about the best disposal options.

In case of emergency or overdose, call the poison control helpline at 1-800-222-1222 or dial 911.

Finasteride Alternative Options

finasteride alternative options

As you now know, Finasteride is not a natural way to regrow your hair, and according to several sources, there can be side effects due to taking the medication. If you do not like the thought of putting substances in your body that are not natural, then follow along for some Finasteride alternative options that you can use to help with hair growth.

1.) Laser Caps

Laser caps are an FDA-cleared medical device that uses an all natural treatment therapy to increase hair growth on the scalps of men and women. Details of Kiierr’s laser caps are discussed below in the next section.

2.) Natural DHT-Blocking Vitamins

Made with all natural ingredients, Kiierr’s DHT-Blocking Vitamins improve scalp circulation, block DHT and promote new hair growth. These vitamins are packed with vitamin B-6 and biotin, as well as zinc, horsetail extract, and Saw Palmetto.

3.) Essential Oils

Essential oils are a completely natural way to try and stimulate hair growth. These oils can be used topically, as well as mixed in with shampoos and DIY hair masks. Make sure to research which essential oils are best recommended to help improve the overall health of the scalp to inhibit hair growth.

4.) Onion Juice

According to Healthline, onion juice presents many natural properties that encourages new hair growth on the scalp. For example, onions contain a high level of sulfur content, which is known to nourish and regenerate the hair follicles. They can also help improve blood circulation in the scalp which allows the proper nutrients and oxygen levels to nourish the scalp and hair follicles.

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5.) Dermaroller

When you roll a dermaroller across your scalp, the device makes a large number of tiny punctures all over the surface. Experts believe that your body reacts to the several tiny wounds that your dermaroller creates. The body floods the subjected area with wound-healing and inflammatory molecules, stimulating the area to help promote new hair growth according to PubMed.

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kiierr laser caps

Kiierr laser hair growth cap needs no introduction when it comes to revitalizing hair health. The brand offers high-tech low-level laser therapy for reducing hair loss in both men and women. There is a bulk of evidence that shows that LLLT is effective to halt hair thinning in the early stages. FDA-cleared hair therapy tends to reduce hair thinning issues in people suffering from androgenic alopecia.  

Kiierr uses devices that use clinical-strength technology to treat hair loss in men and women. The laser caps either have 148 laser diodes or 272 laser diodes depending on the model you choose.

Laser cap therapy delivers laser lights to your scalp to energize and activate hair follicles. It allows you to stimulate hair growth painlessly and naturally in the comfort of your home. All you need is to put on the laser cap for thirty minutes every other day. Many users start seeing the results in five to six months. 

There is no doubt that laser cap therapy is a reliable way to promote hair growth by simply amplifying the functions your body is already performing on its own. In other words, the process accelerates the regenerating and healing process by shedding useless cells. The process makes room for healthier hair follicles and strengthens and thickens already existing hair on the scalp.

Unlike traditional solutions, people use laser therapy to promote sustainable and natural hair growth changes over time. It might take longer than conventional surgical procedures, but the new hair is permanent and healthier.

Finasteride Review vs Kiierr

finasteride review

Both hair restoration treatments are excellent solutions to reverse hair loss. However, you must look into the details to compare the pros and cons. 

Interestingly, Kiierr laser cap treatment doesn’t have any known potential side effects, unlike other hair loss treatments and drugs. It is safe and can give you promising results by reducing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. Pain-free technology meets specific standards of your hair goals. Laser cap treatment is also a natural hair growth process.

You are already aware of the Finasteride side effects that can take place as a result of taking the medication. Taking these tablets orally do not allow for natural hair growth on the scalp. Keep in mind that you can use topical and oral hair growth treatments in conjunction with the Kiierr laser cap. This can help produce long-term hair growth results.

Conclusion: Finasteride for Hair Loss vs Kiierr

kiierr272premier laser hair growth cap

All in all, you will come across a plethora of choices when finding a long-term hair loss solution. However, not all options will benefit you in the same way. Thus, Kiierr laser cap treatment is the best hair loss treatment option. With no known side effects and an effective, hands-free, pain-free and all natural treatment, your hair will thank you!


Finasteride or Hair Loss vs Kiierr FAQs

Is Finasteride effective for hair loss?

Finasteride is an FDA-approved oral medication that can be effective for treating hair loss.

How much Finasteride should I take for hair loss?

This depends on several underlying factors. Make sure you check with a doctor or pharmacist about your prescription dosage. Age, hair loss severity, and other medications can determine how much you should consume.

How long does it take for Finasteride to work for hair loss?

It depends on the individual.

Can Finasteride be paired with a laser cap?

Absolutely! Finasteride and other topical and oral treatments can be used in conjunction with a laser cap and laser therapy treatment.

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