Sometimes you want to grow hair. Other times, you want to grow hair fast. So the question becomes: Is it even possible to accelerate hair growth under normal conditions?

Understanding How Hair Grows

Is It Possible to Make My Hair Grow Faster?

While we could offer up a few quick tips and send you on your way, the reality is that most people will never have healthy, thick hair if they don’t first understand how hair grows, what factors impact growth rate, and why hair loss occurs.

For starters, you must understand the anatomy of hair. The hair follicle is the term used to describe the “anchor” that holds your hair to the skin. Each follicle consists of two parts: a papilla and a bulb. The papilla is the portion of the follicle that provides blood to the hair cells. The bulb is made up of the actual cells that grow the hair. Once hair starts growing, the hair shaft pokes out of the follicle and grows for several years (before eventually ending its life cycle and falling out).

Secondly, you must know that there are three main phases in the hair growth cycle. They are as follows:

  • Anagen. This is the active growth phase where cells in the bulb divide and new hair is produced. Each individual follicle typically stays in the anagen phase for two to seven years. During this time, hair can grow up to 30 inches in length. Having said that, the rate and length of hair is highly dependent on a blend of factors like genetics, age, nutrition, health, and environmental factors. 
  • Catagen. Roughly three percent of all hair is in the catagen phase at any given point in time. This is a short phase that typically lasts just a few weeks, during which hair growth halts and the individual hair detaches from the blood supply.
  • Telogen. Finally, there’s the resting phase. This is 90-day period begins with new hair growth beneath the club hair and culminates in the club hair falling out. The average person loses between 50 and 100 hairs per day in the telogen phase.

5 Simple Ways to Accelerate Hair Growth

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster (and Longer)

The more you can accelerate hair growth during the active anagen phase, the faster and longer your hair will grow. And though it looks a little different for everyone, there are some common techniques that tend to work across the board. Let’s look at a few:

  • LLLT Treatments

Low level laser therapy, or LLLT, is one of the safest and most effective hair growth options on the market. And while it’s often used to stop and reverse hair loss, it can also be used to accelerate the growth rate of existing hair. 

LLLT is an FDA-approved technology that was once reserved for clinical settings. Today, it can be administered at home using a laser cap. LLLT improves cellular respiration and proactively stimulates dormant hair follicles, so they resume the hair growth cycle. With just 30-minute treatments every other day, LLLT leads to thicker hair within a matter of months. Continued use will produce continued results.

  • Hair Growth Oils/Creams

There’s no magic cure for hair growth, but there are plenty of natural oils that are known to promote faster growth. This includes castor oil, which is chock-full of minerals, fatty acids, and vitamin E. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. This makes it the perfect option for improving the overall health of your scalp and hair. You’ll also find many more natural & organic hair boosting ingredients in our proprietary Kiierr hair growth cream.

  • Caffeine Treatments

Research shows caffeine has growth-promoting effects on hair. In fact, the evidence goes so far as to suggest caffeine helps promote hair growth at a molecular and cellular level. But before you go chugging more coffee and soda, you should know that there are specific caffeine-infused products that are intended to be used with hair.

Caffeine-infused products include specially formulated shampoos and conditioners. As you search for these products, be mindful of the other ingredients. Stay away from harsh chemicals and additives that could have the inverse effect of accelerating hair loss. 

  • Improved Diet

Your diet plays a very important role in hair growth. If you’re having trouble growing hair, or it’s growing slower than usual, it’s possible that you’re consuming a restrictive diet (intentionally or unintentionally). This may be preventing your hair from receiving the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed for growth.

Because hair growth is considered a relatively low priority compared to other vital bodily functions, you’ll notice that hair growth is quickly halted when there’s a lack of proper vitamins and nutrients. (The body chooses to send these resources to other areas where they’re needed.

The fastest way to improve hair growth is to stop restrictive dieting and to increase your intake of zinc, protein, iron, vitamin D, biotin, and other nutrients. Good food options include spinach, berries, eggs, sweet potatoes, lean meat, shrimp, soybeans, and nuts.

  • Scalp Massages

According to this study, scalp massages improve relaxation and relieve stress, both of which contribute to better and faster hair growth. The study analyzed the effectiveness of four-minute daily scalp massages and found that each of the subjects involved in the six-month experiment had thicker hair at the end of the study than when they began. 

While it’s not clear exactly what causes the hair growth, it’s assumed that increased circulation to the scalp leads to better blood flow into the follicles, which spurs additional growth during the anagen phase.

Try the Kiierr Laser Cap System

Accelerate Hair Growth with Kiierr

While we would certainly recommend trying as many different types of hair growth methods as possible, the reality is that LLLT is one of the most efficient and effective options on the market. And at Kiierr, our laser cap system is consistently rated among the best in the industry. 

When you purchase a Kiierr laser cap system, you’re getting an FDA-cleared solution that works for both men and women. It enjoys a 93% success rate in clinical studies and comes backed by a 7-month guarantee. 

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