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What is a Laser Cap? | Kiierr Laser Cap

what is a laser cap
What is a Laser Cap?   What is a Laser Hair Growth Cap? Have you begun experiencing hair loss and started looking around for solutions? You may have come across something known as a laser cap. Laser caps are FDA-cleared medical devices that use low level light therapy, also known as LLLT, to stimulate blood […]

Green Tea for Hair Growth?

Green Tea for Hair Growth?  Millions of people around the world suffer from hair loss. If you suffer from hair loss, then you might be wondering if there are any natural treatments out there that could help you to regrow your hair. Currently, green tea is a hot topic when it comes to natural hair […]

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss Before it Starts

Prevent Hair Loss Before It's Too Late
Hair Loss Horror? Most people would feel worried at the sight of a growing bald patch, a receding hairline, or a thinning area on their luscious locks. Hair loss is often associated with aging or underlying health conditions. Losing your hair drastically changes your appearance and even your self-image. For a good number of people, […]

Should You Use Nioxin Shampoo for Hair Loss?

Nioxin for Hair Loss
Many people who want to stop or reverse hair loss turn to special shampoos that are marketed to solve this problem. Nioxin shampoo is one of the most popular of these kinds of products. But does Nioxin work? Does it actually help to treat hair loss?  In this article, we will break down the key […]

Is It Possible to Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Accelerate Hair Growth with Kiierr
Sometimes you want to grow hair. Other times, you want to grow hair fast. So the question becomes: Is it even possible to accelerate hair growth under normal conditions? Understanding How Hair Grows While we could offer up a few quick tips and send you on your way, the reality is that most people will […]

My Dad is Bald – Does That Mean I’ll Go Bald, Too?

Balding Genetics
As you probably know, some level of hair loss is usually tied to genetics. But if your dad went bald at an early age, does that necessarily mean you’re guaranteed to do the same? Balding and Genetics Traditionally, people have always said to look at your mother’s father. If your maternal grandfather is bald, then […]

What Can Cause Sudden and Rapid Onset of Hair Loss?

In Depth Detail and Prevention Methods on Sudden Hair Loss
Losing your hair is not an uncommon incident. In fact, the majority of men and women will lose significant amounts of hair over their lifetime. But for most people, hair loss is the result of a slow decline. If you experience sudden and rapid hair loss, you have every right to be miffed. Now it’s […]

Low-level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) for Hair Growth

Background of Infrared Light for Hair Growth Low-level laser light therapy rapidly evolved into the most fast-growing and popular technology that has assisted in treating multiple health conditions. Many also refer to the therapy as Photobiomodulation and Low-Level Light Therapy, an effective process of stimulating relief, healing and easing inflammation and pain. LLLT is most […]

Top 4 Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Naturally regrow your hair
Suffering from a thinning scalp, balding, or some other form of hair loss? A quick Google search will reveal a wealth of options and remedies. But before you dive headfirst into these solutions, make sure you have a complete picture of what’s out there. Not all options are as safe or harmless as they seem. […]

Derma Roller for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

[box] Article Updated – October 21, 2022[/box] [box] Medically Reviewed by Dr. Theodore J. Daly, MD, FAAD, FSPD, FASD[/box] [box type=”shadow”] Disclaimer: If you have any medical questions or concerns, please talk to your healthcare provider. This article is reviewed by our experts and uses peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental […]