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My Dad is Bald – Does That Mean I’ll Go Bald, Too?

Balding Genetics
As you probably know, some level of hair loss is usually tied to genetics. But if your dad went bald at an early age, does that necessarily mean you’re guaranteed to do the same? Balding and Genetics Traditionally, people have always said to look at your mother’s father. If your maternal grandfather is bald, then […]

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

why does stress cause hair loss
Throughout your life, you are bound to live through a period of textural changes in your hair. Before you know it, you might also see your hair getting thinner at an alarming rate. You may be anxious, and rightfully so, to find out what could be causing this rapid fall of hair and what you […]

5 Most Common Hair Loss Triggers

balding suffering from hair loss
Hair loss affects millions of men and women every year, starting in 40% of men by the age of 35, and women by the age of 40. The American Academy of Dermatology has declared August as Hair Loss Awareness Month. They are providing education about hair loss and empowering those that suffer from hair loss […]